Playlist image August 6: International Blues Music Day 2022
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August 6: International Blues Music Day 2022

Since 2013, blues fans around the world have been celebrating the first Saturday in August as International Blues Music Day. This year, this musical day of action falls on August 6th. Numerous concerts, conferences, and meetings go into the roots of the blues, its cultural significance, and musical characteristics. Photo by Florencia Viadana on Unsplash

Tracks (15)

  1. Wingert UBM 2299

    Old school delta blues straight from a back porch in Texas. Moody Americana, raw and pure.

  2. Bucolic Blues HT0091

    Laid back and relaxed acoustic blues.

  3. On A Side Road HT0032

    FIngerstyle Acoustic Blues with Drums

  4. The Good Old Times UBM 2343

    Laid-back blues ballad with attitude. Smooth, sophisticated and authentic, this track sounds like a spontaneous late night session at a downtown bar.


    Pacey rhythm and blues with percussion.

  6. Sailors Swagger HT0427

    Late 1800's - Early 1900’s style piano solo. Good underscore for a group of confident folks strolling down the main street of a new town.

  7. Hound Dog HT0029

    Swampy upbeat toe tapper. Bayou bluesy

  8. Goldfoil Blues UBM 2246

    Airy blues song with a lot of reverb and space between the notes. Cool, reflective, sparse.

  9. Southbound UBM 2338

    Mellow acoustic blues duet. For images of outdoor activities, road trips and an evening by the campfire.

  10. Trumpet Blues ARTFCD36

    Heartfelt blues trumpet

  11. Blues For My Brother HT0038

    Bluesy acoustic guitar track that sounds like a person with a lot to think about.

  12. Widow Swamp HT0035

    Spooky,swampy low tuned guitar with slide.

  13. Boogie Lazy UBM 2333

    Laid-back piano blues that sounds like straight from a Chicago bar. Cool, easy, relaxed.

  14. On The Road ARTFCD27

    Jaunty classic solo guitar blues

  15. Daydream UBM 2138

    Easy going, bluesy & swinging, violin theme, guitars and accordeon