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Great Britain has officially left the European Union. Photo: Annie Spratt (

Tracks (17)

  1. Politischer Diskurs UBM 2218

    Modern news theme, expressing urgency and very serious business.

  2. Politics UBM 2351

    This track with flowing marimba is ideal for reports and news on current topics from politics, environment, art and culture.

  3. Data Security UBM 2296

    Determined, serious, resolute. For data theft, cybercrime and shady business.

  4. Heat News HT0099

    Driving promo with a steady beat, cool staccato strings and a heroic melody. Softer in the middle section.

  5. High Frequency Trading UBM 2346

    Busy, professional, potentially dangerous. Pulsating synth track for images of the stock market, speculation and political debates.

  6. Walnut UBM 2341

    Nice track with a friendly atmosphere and funny guitar sequence. Hear the dancing insects.

  7. It's Fact UBM 2238

    Serious, slightly dark track with subtly increasing intensity.

  8. Homeless UBM 2306

    A song dominated by a calm acoustic guitar. Melancholic and thoughtful mood. Strings and subtle female choir sequences.

  9. Floating Space Bubbles UBM 2259

    Electronic sounds and airy soundscapes. For neutral or technical content.

  10. Data Energy UBM 2307

    Busy electronics over mid-tempo beat. Retro futurism.

  11. Ragbag UBM 2161

    fast & propulsive marimba & percussion; troubled & nervous yet optimistic

  12. Orchestral Tension UBM 2190

    Suspenseful, with growing intensity. Film music style with orchestra and electronics.