Playlist image April 14, 2023: Start of The German National Garden Show Mannheim 2023
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April 14, 2023: Start of The German National Garden Show Mannheim 2023

This year's German National Garden Show ("BUGA 23") will take place in Mannheim from 14 April to 8 October 2023. There is something for everyone: including 178 days of flower shows, the experimental field where around 30 partners will present their concepts on the four guiding themes of climate, environment, energy and food security, or a large summer festival. A total of more than 6,000 events, from concerts to sports courses and workshops to a specially written Joy Fleming musical, await BUGA visitors.

Tracks (15)

  1. Walk Through The Garden UBM 2481

    Spring awakening in nature and butterflies in the stomach. With piano and gentle string pads.

  2. Hopeful Trend UBM 2454

    Carefree with the wind in our backs. The sails are set. Morning fresh and uplifting.

  3. Beautiful Garden UBM 2336

    Serene composition for paradisical sceneries and tender memories.

  4. Community Center UBM 2467

    Common activities in the neighborhood, togetherness or encounters in the community center are an important part of everyday life for many people. Upbeat track with guitar and drums for motivational content.

  5. Summer Cottage UBM 2482

    Sustainable building with natural stone and local wood is very trendy. This airy track goes well with reports on prudent consumption, relaxation techniques or idyllic nature.

  6. Miel Des Fleurs UBM 2353

    A nice open flowing, with deeper elements for contemplation.

  7. All Problems Solved UBM 2426

    Happy handclaps, ukukele and acoustic guitar characterize this family-friendly track for pictures of carefree times.

  8. Blooming Landscape UBM 2436

    Delicate acoustic ballad. The right accompaniment for topics such as regional, rural life, closeness to nature and a life in harmony with the environment.

  9. Pedelec Ride UBM 2429

    Electric guitar, synthesizer and e-drums. Starts thoughtful, then becomes more optimistic. Perfect for election campaign spots, image campaigns and solution-oriented products.

  10. Networking UBM 2466

    Particularly suitable for motivating crowdfunding campaigns or company networking events. Human Interest Stories and Daytime TV also benefit from this upbeat track with piano and strings.

  11. Cute Fish UBM 2459

    Cute and playful, with instrumentation as soft as a feather. Ideal for slow-paced video games about cute animals living on islands and features about carefree childhood.

  12. Clear Paths UBM 2432

    Warm, pulsating electronic percussion with subdued guitar accents. Modern, driving forward; perfect for magazines about social issues and urban society.

  13. Sunrays UBM 2434

    Sunbeams hit mirror-like glass facades, to be reflected back onto the hot asphalt. Smouldering.

  14. Haruto TWPM 053

    Gradually building, slow dramatic music with oriental acoustic instruments and haunting melody.

  15. Channel Tunnel UBM 2451

    Your rollerblades are laced up for the rally on the information superhighway. Neuland.