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Outdoor & Camping

Despite unpredictable weather conditions, many people prefer a holiday in a tent or caravan to a hotel. TV documentaries about the outdoor lifestyle are perfectly complemented by our tracks. Photo: Denys Nevozhai/ Unsplash

Tracks (17)

  1. Kids And Cows TWPM 061

    Super catchy childish music with fun sounding instruments for family and nature themes.

  2. Camping At The Shore UBM 2490

    Holidays by the sea stand for closeness to nature and family friendliness. This touching track with flute and acoustic guitar is particularly well suited for regional topics and family TV.

  3. Good Morning UBM 2497

    Relaxed feel-good rock with a laid-back attitude. Like a live band jamming in the park on Sunday. Perfect for daily TV, light topics such as the weather or tips for trips and family-friendly regional television.

  4. Best Life ARTFCD127

    Bright and cheerful guitar led optimism.

  5. Gypsy Bier UBM 2499

    This cozy folk track oscillates between Balkan jazz and alpine folk music. Timelessly charming, it is suitable for vintage formats, travelogues, antique roadshows, regional and European topics.

  6. Faces UBM 2359

    Urgent and searching, with acoustic and electric guitars. Summons images of vast American landscapes, wilderness adventures, and nostalgic stories.

  7. Brother Dusty TWPM 052

    Mid tempo 70s influenced classic rock with catchy driving guitar riff and building instrumentation.

  8. Nice Happening UBM 2436

    Dynamic acoustic pop for family-friendly contributions. Happy, summery, authentic. With piano and guitar solos.

  9. Slackerstrum UBM 2265

    Thoughtful singer-songwriter track with acoustic guitar reminiscent of campsites, campfires and stick bread.

  10. The Rolling Hills UBM 2419

    Medium-speed track for pictures of North American expanses and untouched nature.

  11. Appearances Are Everything UBM 2476

    This track comes across as somewhat sluggish and clumsy. Ideal for comedy or whimsical animal videos.

  12. Crying Sorrow UBM 2463

    Minimalist, raw blues with guitar and stomping in the background. Earthy, rustic.

  13. Organic Production UBM 2474

    More and more people rely on regional products and sustainable agriculture in the supermarket or at the weekly market. This unobtrusively playful track underscores consumer advice and local travel tips - near and far!

  14. Second Thoughts UBM 2486

    Waiting, mysterious: the soundtrack to the duel in the desert dust! At 12 o'clock sharp, the sheriff and the tough bandit boss circle each other in the midday sun. Ticking hihat, organ-like pads and epic e-guitar tones create a tense atmosphere.

  15. Spring Sun UBM 2484

    Finally spring! The migratory birds return to the front gardens and to the meadows and fields. Gentle acoustic guitar creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

  16. Until The Sunrise UBM 2505

    Dynamic track with synthesizers, electronics and strings. Warm, positive and cheerful, it is not only suitable for travel magazines but also for affirmative coaching content.

  17. Baby Buckeroo UBM 2159

    Lively acoustic rock for travel reports.