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Care Work

Reports on nursing staff have increased in recent years. Not least because of Corona, the debate about underpayment, staff shortages and extreme working conditions has become loud. A profession that deserves more attention than applause. Picture: Marcelo Leal //

Tracks (17)

  1. Cloudy Outlook UBM 2400

    Suitable for images of modern work culture, inspired by the big tech companies in Silicon Valley.

  2. Art Energy UBM 2348

    Bright, radiating positive energy. Pairing of electronic beat and pads with acoustic elements.

  3. Mission UBM 2259

    The journey begins, the earth's atmosphere is already behind the travelers. The astronauts begin work.

  4. View From Above UBM 2279

    Light-hearted piano with soaring synthesizers, electronic bleeps and mellow percussion.

  5. Change Is Today UBM 2382

    Dynamic track with marimba and strings. Ideal for reports on social change, population growth and social structures.

  6. Healing Tones UBM 2208

    Sparse and sad, deep in thought. Piano and strings.

  7. Data Security UBM 2296

    Determined, serious, resolute. For data theft, cybercrime and shady business.

  8. Waterfall UBM 2333

    Gently flowing piano etude; beautiful, relaxing and minimalistic.

  9. Concentration Points UBM 2216

    Focused and with a positive vibe. Ideal for science, health and nature programs.

  10. Crypto Wallet Key UBM 2442

    New technologies come tied with many promises. The benefits don't always outweigh the drawbacks. Enigmatic, technical and cool.

  11. Cellular Regeneration UBM 2173

    atmospheric, investigative, exciting

  12. Some Sorrows UBM 2265

    Time is running out, thoughtful, concerned. Piano.

  13. Biogenetic Dance UBM 2145

    Quirky pulsating structure, mid tempo.

  14. The Day After UBM 2364

    An easy beginning with a busy background that builds with suspense.

  15. Test Tube UBM 2223

    certain yet thoughtful, serious, growing dramatic

  16. Mystic Harp UBM 2169

    Dark harp arpeggio with synth accents and strings building up

  17. Analysis UBM 2381

    Unexcited composition that is suitable for all neutral and factual programs. Scientific analyzes, evaluations or nature documentary.