Playlist image 29.12 International Cello Day
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29.12 International Cello Day

December 29 is the birthday of the Catalan cellist Pablo Casals (1876 - 1973). Since 2016, this day celebrates the stringed instrument and all cellists. Picture: Pixabay/

Tracks (24)

  1. The Latin Cello UBM 2380

    Sophisticated cello piece with castanets and strings. Passionate tango - ideal for cultural programs as well as travel reports.

  2. Arrival Of The Snow Queen UBM 2462

    Fantasy films, big screen cinema and film adaptations of literary classics benefit from this intricately arranged neoclassical piece for string instruments.

  3. Timeline UBM 2356

    Slow and simple melancholic piano with an ambient light asiatic backdrop.

  4. Misty Cello UBM 2270

    Calm, gloomy track. Suitable for thoughtful and sad scenes. Piano, strings.

  5. Negative 02 UBM 2137

    In an abandoned ruin, dark powers are up to mischief. Eerie, threatening and dark, this track is an excellent match for thrillers.

  6. Wounds Of Mankind UBM 2260

    Heavy cello composition that creates a mood of hopelessness, drama and despair. For war dramas and survivors' stories.

  7. Painful Handcraft UBM 2244

    Tragic cello and warm bells determine this sound. For reflective scenes full of regret, tragedy and hopelessness.

  8. Tragic Aftermath UBM 2390

    Slow, sad composition for strings. Little hope, bleak prospects.

  9. Gift UBM 2351

    Dramatic events take their course. Serious, momentous, foreboding.

  10. Spectacular Valley UBM 2317

    Pastoral and idyllic. Warm cellos and lively harp characterize this romantic piece.

  11. Baby Got Bach HT0083

    Contemporary twist on a Bach Classic with a tinge of royalty. Think modern day princes and princesses.

  12. Short Winter UBM 2285

    A light, yet strong, flowing, passionate piece. Instrumented with beautiful piano and cello segments. Very well suited for historical and artistic topics, history documentaries and radio programs about the beginning of the 20th century.

  13. Dawning UBM 2323

    Apprehensive mood. Melancholy cello over gently pulsing percussive synths and mysterious piano notes.

  14. String Cloud UBM 2275

    Slowly; peaceful; thoughtful. Sensitive piano piece with longing cello. Ideal for farewell or romantic scenes.

  15. Watching The Rainbow UBM 2219

    Harmonious, laid-back, warm, promising.

  16. Drunken Nights ARTFCD36

    Deep 'cello with sense of humour

  17. Cold Skin UBM 2226

    A sombre cello melody suddenly turns into an eerie military soundscape. Feelings of ultimate despair, paranoia and solitude..

  18. Full Of Memories UBM 2383

    This neoclassical piano piece accompanied by the cello invites you to remember and ponder. Ideal for retrospectives, historical contributions and eyewitness reports.

  19. Closure UBM 2364

    Cinematic simplicity, thoughtful and pensive.


    Serious track that describes responsibility and strategic thinking. Ideal for important political decisions, both historically and currently.

  21. Everyday Story ARTFCD89

    Mini piano concerto prelude with orchestral build to end