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Christmas, also called Christ Feast or Holy Christ, is the feast of the birth of Jesus Christ. The feast day is December 25th, Christmas Day, also the solemn feast of the birth of the Lord, whose celebrations begin on the eve, Christmas Eve. It is a public holiday in many states. Photo: Joanna Kosinska (

Tracks (18)

  1. Fairyland UBM 2417

    The piano and harp introduce this composition, which gradually develops into a lively setting of enchanted worlds carried by pizzicato strings and clarinet.

  2. Schneeflöckchen, Weißröckchen UBM 2366

    The nursery rhyme Schneeflöckchen, Weißröckchen is actually a winter song. But as it always appears in Christmas song collections and is often sung in Advent, it is often counted among the Christmas carols. It dates from the 19th century.

  3. Silent ARTFCD111

    Melancholy version of the Christmas classic ‘Silent Night’ with a lofi chill hop twist

  4. Last Winter UBM 2318

    The fireplace is on and all are at home, beautiful wintertime.

  5. Sunbeams in Winter UBM 2317

    Radiating hope, optimism and excitement about the wonders of life and nature. With lively strings and playful bells.

  6. Children UBM 2147

    playful, clear, honest

  7. The Food Of Love 1 UBM 2416

    Warm acoustic guitars with happy chimes. Familiar, comfortable.

  8. Retired Place UBM 2436

    Strummed acoustic guitar and dabbed piano tones create a contemplative, thoughtful mood without sounding too sentimental.

  9. When the Twilight Comes UBM 2308

    With the help of the full orchestra, bells, flute and harp create a magical mood of curiosity and subtle excitement. Dream-like, playful and intriguing.

  10. Dancing Foxes UBM 2236

    Beautiful neo-classical score track for a magical, white Christmas, full of love, warmth and cordiality.

  11. Kids Waltz UBM 2333

    Slow waltz that expresses gentleness and care.

  12. Wrapped Up Warm ARTFCD38

    Classy classical feel with oriental style strings

  13. Little People UBM 2365

    Strings and glockenspiel evoke a sense of Christmas, snowy landscapes, bustle and snowball fights.

  14. Tatra's Winter UBM 2355

    Romantic composition for images of snowy expanses and frosty landscapes. Epic, dramatic, perfect for historical documentaries and movies.

  15. Motette Vitrysse UBM 2375

    Christmasy choral singing of the 14th century.

  16. O Come All Ye Faithful UBM 2212

    English version of traditional Christmas hymn Adeste Fideles.

  17. River Of Memories UBM 2338

    Tranquil acoustic guitar tune. Soft, placid, warm.

  18. Thank You James UBM 2397

    Pleasant track that sounds cozy and warm. As advertising melody for furniture stores or for make-overs.