Playlist image Church In Crisis
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Church In Crisis

The number of church exits has been increasing sharply across Europe for several years. Photo: Akira Hojo (

Tracks (12)

  1. Sacred Hallelujah UBM 2375

    Singing monks in the cloister of a huge cathedral. Mystical and powerful.

  2. Our Movement UBM 2382

    Thoughtful piano piece with strings that add a dramatic touch. Critical, disappointed, ready to fight. Perfect for social movements and rebellion.

  3. Far From Home UBM 2390

    Thoughtful theme for piano and strings. Quiet, level-headed, peaceful.

  4. Take The Risk UBM 2363

    Slow building excitement, the reporter makes his way to his perilous assignment. Dramatic percussion with movie strings.

  5. Time UBM 2351

    Mysterious things are happening…Unusual track for scenes that indicate increasing danger or secret activities.

  6. Change UBM 2218

    Piano and strings; pondering, thoughtful and quite melancholy.

  7. Dubious Facts UBM 2408

    Dark track that fits dubious machinations and unsolved criminal cases.

  8. Pianopitch UBM 2237

    Haunting piano over a very subtle beat. Eerie, uncomfortable, dark.

  9. Dynamic 23 UBM 2407

    Political entanglements come to light in the election campaign. A dramatic track that describes tension, competition and machinations.

  10. Global Crisis UBM 2361

    Global tensions are rising and time is running out. Pulsating bass, ticking clocks, dramatic violin staccato and apocalyptic horns builds to a grandiose crescendo.

  11. Evil Power UBM 2229

    Dangerous and very serious. Drums, electronics and strings create an atmosphere of threat.

  12. Rebellion UBM 2387

    Imposing, fast, dramatic. This piece is ideal for topics such as resistance, rebellion and epic finals in gaming. Strings and choir.