Playlist image Civil Unrests
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Civil Unrests

For days now, thousands of people have been protesting police violence and racism in the United States. The riots have now reached numerous major cities. Photo by Vince Fleming on Unsplash

Tracks (15)

  1. Our Movement UBM 2382

    Thoughtful piano piece with strings that add a dramatic touch. Critical, disappointed, ready to fight. Perfect for social movements and rebellion.

  2. Civil Rights UBM 2361

    Desperate fight for civil rights. A pulsating bass, ticking clocks, piano and spheric sounds are supported by orchestral instruments.

  3. Point Of No Return UBM 2378

    No-nonsense beat for depictions of contemporary youth culture, life in a metropolis or a tough attitude.

  4. Tension Rising UBM 2302

    A driving, well-paced rising tension, with a build-up, that has a slightly positive feel to it.

  5. Frontline UBM 2363

    Mid-tempo, thrilling composition for scenes in the newsroom. Deep piano tones with restless strings.

  6. Headway UBM 2351

    Medium tempo marimba track for social issues, political upheavals, current coverage.

  7. String Tension Bed UBM 2346

    Dark, slow string composition leaving no doubt that trouble is brewing.

  8. Unsettled UBM 2297

    A dark, mid tempo, lightly dramatic track, with light industrial elements.

  9. Fear UBM 2295

    Fast, dramatic noise with strings. Energy for a dark urban drama.

  10. Premonition UBM 2306

    Slow, ambient start becomes faster during the song. Unobtrusive, ideal for ambitious reports on war and conflict zones.

  11. Headcrash UBM 2278

    Increasing tension, the noose tightens. Hopeless, scary, scary.

  12. State Of Play UBM 2258

    The hero has survived a difficult battle and is now looking for protection and help. The end remains open, everything is possible.

  13. Agitate The Matter UBM 2238

    Harsh synthesizer sounds and a steady beat characterize this modern track. Urgent and relentless.

  14. Killzone UBM 2237

    Forward-pressing strings with increasing intensity - like the soundtrack to an agent on the run…