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Climate Protest

The evacuation of the village of Lützerath is still ongoing. Climate activists have been occupying the site since last week to demonstrate against the planned coal mining. Days of clashes between protesters and emergency forces dominate the news. A tracklist with the soundtrack for reports about protest, activism and climate change.

Tracks (17)

  1. Marimba Motion UBM 2382

    Marimbatrack, which is almost investigative. Socially critical and sociopolitical features can be accompanied with this piece.

  2. Electric Driving UBM 2429

    Futuristic sounds for images of environmentally conscious, sustainable mobility. Contemporary, optimistic and dynamic. Electronic, with pizzicato strings and backward effects as accents.

  3. Remorse UBM 2323

    Bleak atmospheric track with ticking synth pulse, lone piano notes and percussive elements.

  4. Sustainable Aviation UBM 2474

    Modern travel by rail, road and air not only takes comfort and speed into account, but above all sustainability. This slightly dubby electronic track is inspired by traffic hubs in the Rhineland, but suits all contributions about mobility and urban development.

  5. Dark Bits TWPM 049

    Ominous trancelike vibe with ever-punching bass and clicky arpeggios jumping around.

  6. Busy Task Force UBM 2426

    Groovy beat, a rousing bass synthesizer and ticking sounds create a dramatic atmosphere. The right soundtrack for tricky situations, secret missions and a tense atmosphere. It's 5 to 12!

  7. Melting Iceberg UBM 2283

    A deep flowing composition, conveying tension.

  8. Heliostation UBM 2429

    Thoughtful track at a medium pace. For reports and podcasts on topics such as environmental protection, global warming and renewable energies.


    This track is fast, direct and serious. It fits important news and breaking news about politics or climate change.

  10. Dreamful Picture UBM 2181

    Meditative, thoughtful and yet energetic, this is a fitting underscore for documentaries.


    Breathy synth with weird effects

  12. Meeting UBM 2218

    Dramatic, important, pressing. Ideal for documentaries on society, history, politics and economy.

  13. Operation UBM 2296

    Deployment of the troops. Terror and violence.

  14. Growing Team UBM 2400

    Fluent, hurried, dynamic. Suitable for topics such as renewable energies, political activism or economic change.

  15. Dark Ambient UBM 2472

    Economic progress as standstill: columns of fully laden lorries block the right-hand lane of German motorways for thousands and thousands of kilometres.

  16. Four Paws UBM 2467

    Fun family-friendly track with brass, drums and e-piano. For children's programs, zoos or entertainment shows.

  17. Summer Rain TWPM 032

    Handpan-playing calm as raindrops over a lively, yet subdued conga beat.