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The greatest Hits of UBM Records to party to! Photo by Donny Jiang/

Tracks (14)

  1. Haunted House ARTFCD12

    Tense house pads

  2. Flockentime UBM 2315

    The track with incredible force, listen to it loud, just drift. With solid heavy bass and percussion elements.

  3. Dark Electronics UBM 2394

    Thrilling electronica track with influences from techno and club culture. For images of urban societies, youth culture and the relentless further development of new media and technologies.

  4. Steady Beater UBM 2210

    Extremely danceable club track with sweeping synthies and a steady bass drum.

  5. The Treat UBM 2234

    Floating, concentrated, abstract. Busy synthies and a steady bass drum allow for some serious dancing.

  6. Dodgem 96 UBM 2451

    It is 1996, a sunny day in October. You and your Rollergirl gang are spending it between bumper cars, roller coasters and other rides. In the Red Cross tent at the edge of the fair, a paramedic treats your Tamagotchi for a suspected case of mild whiplash. You find his eyebrow piercing really cute.

  7. Sunset UBM 2287

    Spring break sounds to kick off that summer feeling. Progressive house track for pool parties.

  8. Fast UBM 2347

    Reminiscent of the early days of Techno in Detorit and Berlin.

  9. Satin Lover UBM 2234

    Bursting with energy, elegant, glamorous, urban.

  10. You Want It ARTFCD45

    Dark and rhythmic female vocal

  11. This Is Massive UBM 2234

    Mid-tempo dance track with oriental scales and vocal bits.

  12. It's A Beautiful Day ARTFCD45

    Europop style jingle with sweet female vocal

  13. Mind In Motion HT0005

    The right track for sports activities and scenes in the club.

  14. Hyperenergy ARTFCD10

    Classic anthemic trance