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Cooking Shows

Ramsay, Oliver, Turner – we love our tv chefs for their their quirky personalities and their mouth-watering culinary compositions. A selection of dynamic, exotic and joyful musical pieces that work as the perfect accompaniment for busy activity in the studio kitchen.

Tracks (21)

  1. Good Old Funky Times UBM 2343

    Fiery funk tune that adds just the right amount of temperament and cheerfulness to your program.

  2. Cooking Show UBM 2386

    Radio guitar and brass provide a positive, joyful sound. The advertising break ends and the show continues.

  3. Relaxed Renovation UBM 2484

    Upbeat track with funky bass and lively acoustic guitar. He lends a Mediterranean touch to cooking shows or lifestyle magazines. Savoir vivre!

  4. Good Vibes UBM 2357

    It's Saturday night ... time to head to the disco!

  5. French Cuisine UBM 2369

    Lively Bossa Nova track with a French touch. Perfect for cooking programs or travel magazines.

  6. Yacht Rock UBM 2490

    Back to the 80s with this peppy catchy tune! That is the sound of carefree lightness, upscale hobbies such as sailing and catamarans or informal get-togethers with friends and business partners.

  7. Disfruta La Vida UBM 2409

    This guitar track sounds lively and elated. It is ideal for TV shows and podcasts about wanderlust, Caribbean cuisine and holidays by the sea.

  8. Pictures Of Samos UBM 2188

    Solemn track that authentically captures Greek hospitality. Cosy, warm-hearted, traditional.

  9. Rust TWPM 061

    Pleasantly pulsating track with an atmospheric sound of catchy driving acoustic guitar chord groove and cello.

  10. Gran Tarantella UBM 2250

    This lively track creates a mood of enjoyment and happiness. Ideal for cooking programs and Italian cuisine. Mediterranean sound with piano, clarinet, flute, percussion, castanets and double bass.

  11. Professor Groove UBM 2377

    Funk music of the best kind: groovy, warm and cool. For cultural contributions and reviews.

  12. Sirius UBM 2433

    Mysterious, tempting track. Loopable and neutral.

  13. Monkey Dance UBM 2403

    This fun, lively and bubbly marimba track is ideal for documentaries and features about african wildlife and zoo images.

  14. Caribbean Dream TWPM 051

    Driving piano theme in a modern acoustic pop arrangement with strings, guitars and claps.

  15. Exotic Tango UBM 2115

    A tango with exotic influences.

  16. A Jazz Thing SLAM0015

    Elegant, bold, playful. This jazz composition for piano is reminiscent of upscale cocktail parties or dignified restaurants.

  17. Near East Mood UBM 2235

    Warm, African, Middle Eastern; short percussion piece.

  18. Popmania UBM 2332

    Quirky, upbeat, kitschy. 1960s/ 1970s euro style with big band sound and a positive attitude. Happy, innocent, upbeat.