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corona growth

In March 2021, 66,000 newborns were born in Germany and thus more births than in around 20 years. In other European countries, too, the number of births rose in March. In the lockdown and in most cases the associated home office, just as many pets were purchased. Dogs, cats and the like experienced a real boom. The Association for German Dogs, VDH, estimates that there have been around 15 to 20 percent more dogs since the beginning of the pandemic than before. Photo: Daria Rem (

Tracks (15)

  1. Wonderful World UBM 2417

    Happy, child-friendly music for pictures of harmonious family life, sustainable lifestyle and carefree times.

  2. Red Puppet UBM 2337

    Childlike song for kids' TV.

  3. Fast Steps UBM 2201

    This playful track is immediately reminiscent of baby animals or toddlers. Ideal for baby product advertising.

  4. Meditation App UBM 2396

    Calming and relaxing. Jingle for night diapers and baby porridge for a gentle night.

  5. Glockenspiel UBM 2320

    Music box-style bell melody with pizzicato strings; childlike, easy. For imags of pets and animals or family progams. Featuring marimba, piano, toy piano.

  6. Pictures UBM 2231

    Cute tune with glockenspiel and strings, childlike and sweet.

  7. Amazing Day UBM 2185

    Harmonious, good-natured and a little clumsy. For harmonious topics such as family, pets and babies.

  8. Playground First Time UBM 2399

    Ideal for children's programs, knowledge podcasts and articles about funny animals and craft hobbies.

  9. Bildergeschichte UBM 2194

    Investigative, imaginative tune suggesting sneakiness and curiosity. Double-bass, clarinet and subtle drums, played with jazz brushes.

  10. A Vision In White UBM 2318

    Chilled electronic track with added acoustic guitar and piano. Warm, relaxed and mellow.

  11. Strings United UBM 2265

    Happy feel-good tune; ideal for positive images and advertisement. Strings.

  12. Roads UBM 2359

    Carefree lightness and lightheartedness, playful, happy and relaxed. Keyboard, acoustic and electric guitars, bass and drums. Short Version 1: happy, playful. Short Version 2: relaxed, carefree lightness, lightheartedness.