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Derzeit herrscht viel Unmut angesichts des Korruptionsskandals im EU-Parlament in Brüssel. In dieser Playlist haben wir Tracks zur Untermalung von Nachrichten, Investigativ-Reportagen und anderen Berichten über Korruption und Politische Affären.

Tracks (21)

  1. Change Is Today UBM 2382

    Dynamic track with marimba and strings. Ideal for reports on social change, population growth and social structures.

  2. Money UBM 2237

    Shady deals in dark backrooms…this track expresses the power of greed and criminal energy. Also works for images of research and investigation.

  3. Sub Traction UBM 2470

    A night-time mission on the outskirts of the city: hot goods change hands in the darkness of the broken street lighting. Gloomy, for criminal activity in the shadows.

  4. Distant Glow UBM 2323

    Determined and serious but not too heavy. With lively mallets and occasional snaredrum. Great for political drama or TV shows that deal with shady deals, the business world or social issues.

  5. Snobs UBM 2161

    dippy, bizarre, ironical; bubbly marimba riff

  6. A Dream Soars NT001

    Dark, threatening, ominous. Ideally suited for films about mafia machinations, drug cartels and corruption.

  7. Dark Facts UBM 2251

    Dark and ticking sound with deep bass that conveys danger. For thrillers or documentaries about corruption.

  8. Algorithmsphere UBM 2452

    Warm synthesizers and shimmering strings create a subtly sinister mood. For TV programs and podcasts about mysterious events and their clarification.

  9. Infiltration UBM 2302

    An increasing tension. Mission Impossible comes to mind with this track.

  10. Severe State UBM 2426

    Marimba and echoing percussive sounds are accompanied by a downbeat at a medium tempo. Questioning and subtly mysterious; for investigative formats and political magazines.

  11. Pharma Lobby UBM 2468

    Suspenseful electronic track for investigative formats and consumer magazines.

  12. Ragbag UBM 2161

    fast & propulsive marimba & percussion; troubled & nervous yet optimistic

  13. Conference UBM 2351

    Strings and marimba create an air of serious contemplation. Subtle percussion and piano add to the pensive mood.

  14. Space Rendezvous UBM 2346

    Neutral soundbed for news, documentaries and developing stories.

  15. Steelmaking UBM 2474

    Dark tones for current issues in large-scale industry and trade such as industrial espionage, tax evasion or strikes. Menacing and modern.

  16. In The Ice UBM 2464

    Enchantingly light melody, full of curiosity and warmth and a hint of creepiness. For children's films, fairy tales and animated films.

  17. Atlantis Avenue UBM 2460

    Human history has seen countless empires flourish and wither away. Some of them swept into the depths by raging floods for all eternity. Modular synthesizers bubble profoundly of past tragedies and historical turning points.

  18. Meaning And Suspense UBM 2461

    Dark machinations are suspected in the background. Exciting, mysterious, mystical.

  19. Shadowstep TWPM 049

    Ominous electronica with slow beats and haunting sounds.

  20. It's Fact UBM 2238

    Serious, slightly dark track with subtly increasing intensity.