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Crafts & DIY

Not only since the Covid 19-related retreat into one's own four walls, DIY and home improvement have been very popular with many people. Photo: Nick Karvounis (

Tracks (15)

  1. Eternal Stories UBM 2254

    Ideal for advertising productions that should convey a positive, summery and friendly feeling. Marimba, guitar and drums.

  2. Free Mind UBM 2385

    Carefree and harmonious, this piano composition is suitable for family issues such as education, healthy eating or as background music for DIY projects.

  3. Farnsworths Future UBM 2326

    Original Hip Hop track with organ melody, piano and brass.

  4. Steady Groove UBM 2357

    Motown and Detroit inspired track. Funky, cool, laid-back.

  5. Model Pupil UBM 2332

    Acoustic guitar intro develops into a warm, inspiring pop tune. Steady bassdrum starts around 1:00. Uplifting, enthusiastic mood, reminiscent of contemporary neo-folk indie bands.

  6. Farmer's Market UBM 2369

    Lively track with bossa nova elements creates a positive feeling and reminds the listener of the delightful Italian way of life.

  7. Faces UBM 2359

    Urgent and searching, with acoustic and electric guitars. Summons images of vast American landscapes, wilderness adventures, and nostalgic stories.

  8. Funky Blues Time UBM 2343

    Ingredients for a good time: wah-wah guitar, electric organ, funky drums and a laid-back solo. Enjoy the ride!

  9. Feeling Enlightened UBM 2284

    Pleasant mid-tempo track that conveys gratitude and optimism. For family series and light content.

  10. Jumpy Strings UBM 2270

    Piano, strings and wind instruments create a sound that is particularly suitable for nature documentaries and contributions about majestic landscapes. Peaceful, optimistic and harmonious.

  11. Saloon UBM 2300

    Rhythmic and unassuming lounge music that fits perfectly with images of a modern saloon. Guitar, bass and drums.

  12. Professor Groove UBM 2377

    Funk music of the best kind: groovy, warm and cool. For cultural contributions and reviews.

  13. Let's Go! UBM 2365

    Carefree piano melody with guitar, drums and strings, perfect for an exuberant get-together on a warm summer evening.