Playlist image January 24, 2020: International Education Day

January 24, 2020: International Education Day

The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed January 24th International Education Day to celebrate the role of education in peace and development. Even today, 258 million children and young people are out of school. 617 million children and young people cannot read or learn basic math. Less than 40% of girls in sub-Saharan Africa complete lower secondary education, and around four million children and youth refugees are out of school. Your right to education is being violated and unacceptable. Photo: Annie Spratt (

Tracks (15)

  1. Bubblegum UBM 2365

    Fun, lively track with acoustic guitar, strings, handclaps and fun sound effects. For childrens' TV, clowns and commercials for toys.

  2. My Little Podcast UBM 2385

    Beautiful melody full of harmony and happiness. Ideal for podcasts on family issues or self-employed entrepreneurs with small businesses.

  3. Fun Kazoo UBM 2290

    Whistling, kazoo, drums and ukulele create a joyful atmosphere.

  4. Applebite UBM 2360

    Flowing piano melody, pizzicato string accents and a relaxed beat. Friendly, bright, optimistic.

  5. Story UBM 2351

    High-quality soundtrack for modern TV series and documentaries, radio broadcasts and podcasts. Neutral mood.

  6. Stagnation UBM 2356

    Positive flowing simplicity, with pensive moments.

  7. Kalimbic UBM 2270

    Friendly; open and laid-back. Strings; piano, kalimba sounds.

  8. Fall From Grace UBM 2354

    Driving guitar figure, piano and percussion convey energy and confidence. Increasing energy for an uplifting effect.

  9. Cradle The Baby UBM 2235

    Peaceful lullaby played on acoustic guitars.

  10. Play Fun UBM 2264

    Happy track with slight drums, glockenspiel, tuba and easy-going whistling. Perfect for kids shows and comedy.

  11. Cats And Dogs UBM 2231

    Cheerful whistling and mid-tempo strings create a positive vibe and good mood.

  12. Easy UBM 2194

    Cheerful pizzicato bits for comedy. Light-hearted and warm.

  13. Di Katerinkeh UBM 2273

    Little girls tune. Piano track reminiscent of a girl playing alone, lost in thoughts, at times loud, at times quiet.

  14. Rasta Chiller UBM 2124

    Cool reggae vibes with propulsive double time rhythms