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Daytime TV

Often discredited as catering solely to housewives, the morning to early afternoon broadcast block continues to enjoy great popularity and offers practical consumer tips on cooking, gardening and the home – interspersed with bits of entertainment and the cheeky wit of likeable presenter duos.

Tracks (20)

  1. Lovely Life UBM 2436

    Sunday morning: the family gathers around the lovingly laid breakfast table. This cheerful composition offers the right soundtrack to images of harmony and conviviality.

  2. Sunny Days UBM 2338

    Warm acoustic guitar composition with dreamy melody. For images of family, leisure and beautiful sunny mornings.

  3. The Song Within UBM 2327

    Carefree acoustic guitar melody in pleasant tempo. Short version: floating and relaxed.

  4. Just A Little Tune UBM 2397

    Sunday morning, the table is set and a relaxed summer day is ahead. For family programs, advertising and travel magazines.

  5. Autumn In Town UBM 2354

    Friendly pop/folk track with acoustic guitar, piano, and a catchy melody. Great for contributions and documentations in the afternoon program or for rest and relaxation.

  6. French Cuisine UBM 2369

    Lively Bossa Nova track with a French touch. Perfect for cooking programs or travel magazines.

  7. Ela Me Deixou UBM 2428

    Authentic Brazilian guitars for cooking shows, travel magazines and travelogues.

  8. Grosses Tier UBM 2194

    Jazzy, mellow & cool. Like a big animal exploring its surroundings.

  9. Ingredients UBM 2386

    Guitar, brass and percussion create an almost Brazilian sound. Cool, funky, fresh - just like the list of ingredients.

  10. Chocolate UBM 2290

    Retro track with Hammond organ and bassoon. Subtly ironic.

  11. The Whistler ARTFCD48

    Thoughtful human whistle ditty

  12. Cats And Dogs UBM 2231

    Cheerful whistling and mid-tempo strings create a positive vibe and good mood.

  13. Golden Sweety UBM 2102

    Easy listening at its best. Kitschy female choir.

  14. Darkness In Blue UBM 2421

    A walk through a colourful deciduous forest. Calm, harmonic guitar melody that immediately evokes autumn associations.

  15. Ascension UBM 2256

    Positive, inspiring track with guitar and drums. Ideal for mild summer days and family trips.

  16. Forward UBM 2432

    Neutral to optimistic score for weather reports, consumer tips or waiting loops.

  17. Unfinished Relation UBM 2271

    Optimistic, airy and idyllic. Ideal track for nature programs and advertising.

  18. Coffee Break UBM 2368

    Chilled track to switch off and relax in your favorite café. Groovy beat and warm flugelhorn.