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Delivery Services

Home office, quarantine, no time to cook, or simply too lazy to go out - more and more food is being delivered directly to the door. Uniformed delivery men on fast wheels dominate the traffic scene in major cities. It's often about speed, heavy loads and lots of movement.

Tracks (21)

  1. Good Morning Robot UBM 2232

    Positive, electronic track that is suitable for advertising from internet providers.

  2. On Trend ARTFCD35

    Stylish and sophisticated rhythms

  3. Electro Corn UBM 2287

    Lively dance track for party vacations on the beach or festivals. Summery.

  4. A Special Job UBM 2227

    A slightly mysterious atmosphere meets funky guitar and a straight-forward beat. Classic spy movie vibe without sounding too retro.

  5. Equipment UBM 2257

    Quiet, relaxed, idyllic. Ideal for advertising, wellness and family films.

  6. Milky Way UBM 2315

    A solid ambient house flow. For any busy scenes

  7. Haute Culture UBM 2414

    Mid-tempo track with input sequencers and a positive sounding short melody. For lifestyle magazines and youth programs.

  8. Expand The Possibilties UBM 2173

    abstract, bright, confident

  9. Exotic Event UBM 2254

    A cheerful track which evokes summerfeelings. Works for images about travel or imagefilms for luxurious holiday resorts.

  10. Giocoliere UBM 2250

    An exuberant accordion piece that is reminiscent of a warm family celebration or a lively farmer's market in Italy.

  11. Ingredients UBM 2386

    Guitar, brass and percussion create an almost Brazilian sound. Cool, funky, fresh - just like the list of ingredients.

  12. Cartel UBM 2274

    Disturbing underscore with ticking time in the background. Suitable for topics such as the climate crisis, species extinction and supernatural threats.

  13. Molecules UBM 2378

    Mysterious trap beat with ticking hi-hat and looped, bell-like melody.

  14. On The Way UBM 2203

    Dubious underscore for scenes from risky endeavors and crime series.

  15. Speedpusher UBM 2116

    Strong bluesy bassline and guitar hook, trashy drums.

  16. Nervous Markets UBM 2319

    Lively and pressing. Rush hour on busy Wall Street meets contemporary electronic dance music. With corporate strings and a relentlessly forward moving beat.

  17. Urbanisation UBM 2301

    Starting with an ambient atmosphere, the track slowly builds into a driving backdrop for a drive through a metropole, as new york for example.

  18. Fuel From The Roof UBM 2429

    Individual piano sounds and gentle electronics open up this catchy track. With the use of a bass synthesizer and drums, it increases in intensity without losing its warmth. Perfect for consumer magazines, corporate films, and online tutorials.

  19. Undercover Chase UBM 2229

    Fast-paced, restless, nervous. Aggressive electronics and increasingly determined beats.

  20. Downtown Pulse UBM 2210

    Propulsive and dynamic with a positive undertone. Groovy guitars with some funk infusions.