Playlist image September 15, 2021: International Democracy Day
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September 15, 2021: International Democracy Day

In 2007, the United Nations General Assembly designated September 15 as International Democracy Day. The aim of the day is to promote and defend the principles of democracy. Democracy is a political system in which the people have an essential, co-determining function. Photo: Hansjörg Keller (

Tracks (15)

  1. Counter Draw UBM 2161

    forceful, agitated; crime scene investigation

  2. Severe State UBM 2426

    Marimba and echoing percussive sounds are accompanied by a downbeat at a medium tempo. Questioning and subtly mysterious; for investigative formats and political magazines.

  3. White House UBM 2237

    Piano and subtle clicking, strings and drums combine. Urgent, hectic, under pressure.

  4. Choral UBM 2351

    Sophisticated soundbed with piano, marimba and subtly pulsating bass. Great for documentaries and magazine contributions on history, art and science.


    This track is fast, direct and serious. It fits important news and breaking news about politics or climate change.

  6. High Fidelity UBM 2267

    Modern groove with open guitar chords and a robotic pulse. Loopable.

  7. Confide UBM 2301

    Driving strings, warm piano merge into an electronic, modern sound with a soft ending from a piano and synthesizer.

  8. Finanzkrise UBM 2218

    Dramatic, urban, urgent - for business reports and politics.

  9. Glass House UBM 2323

    Effective and sophisticated theme with marimba and piano. Great as an introduction to modern TV and streaming productions on economic, political and social topics.

  10. Acoustic Pulse UBM 2382

    Objective track that is suitable as a news opener. Neutral information, journalism and hard facts are suggested.

  11. Dynamic 23 UBM 2114

    Political entanglements come to light in the election campaign. A dramatic track that describes tension, competition and machinations.

  12. Echo Buildups UBM 2208

    Scientific & modern, with floating electronics and a subtle hi-hat beat.

  13. Marching Chords UBM 2270

    Moving piano track accompanied by strings. Ideal for dramas, reports of corruption and intrigues.

  14. K I UBM 2346

    Mid tempo electronic track that works for news magazines on politics and crime but also technology, science and robotics.