Playlist image Umarme-einen-Schlagzeuger-Tag 10.Oktober
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Umarme-einen-Schlagzeuger-Tag 10.Oktober

Since 2013, Hug a Drummer Day has been held on October 10. We hug all our drummers with the following playlist. Photo: Mantas Hesthaven /

Tracks (23)

  1. Montage Percussion UBM 2237

    Abstract soundscape and wild drums implying situations of danger and pursuit.

  2. Night Chaser UBM 2210

    Threatening and troublesome, this track evokes feelings of danger, panic, nervousness and time running out! Strings, drums and brass.

  3. Dynamic 09 UBM 2114

    Dynamic piano piece accompanied by strings and bongos. Enormous time pressure, danger and a hectic pace are conveyed.

  4. Jungle HT0047

    Drums and percussion-driven orchestral track with high strings that create tension. Horns and low brass add a noble touch of heroism.

  5. Samba Shake UBM 2214

    Very fast samba beat; for images of carnival, party and action!

  6. Screaming For Vengeance UBM 2295

    Powerful tension with big percussion, horns and strings. Perfect for pursuits.

  7. Military Rhythm UBM 2259

    Military drums and claps for impressive war scenes in action movies.

  8. Funkett HT0080

    70's Sounding, Gradually Building funk rock work-out with full horns, orchestra, wahguitar & great drumming

  9. The Anthem UBM 2325

    Slow but powerful rock track with metal influences.

  10. Ending I UBM 2235

    Drums and final chord.

  11. The Orient Is Calling UBM 2187

    Captivating, magical, soulful. Majestic sounds meet Arabic chants. For documentaries or travel magazines.

  12. Serial Suspects HT0406

    Dark suspenful track with percussive elements and strong hip hop beat

  13. Midtempo Groove UBM 2205

    Relaxed & steady. With occasional trumpet and flute.

  14. History of Japan UBM 2316

    Authentic, raw, percussive. With gong, hirataiko and shimetaiko.

  15. Holding The Line UBM 2377

    Optimistic, unexcited track. Ideal for neutral features or as hold music.

  16. Drummydummy UBM 2264

    This track combines percussive elements with tuba to create a cheeky track that is building up towards the end.

  17. East Drums UBM 2350

    Strong dominant percussive composition.

  18. Dummy Drumming UBM 2208

    Percussive, playful and mischievous. Bass comes in at 0:41, guitar at 0:59, gradually turning this unusual composition into a funky tune.

  19. The Shuffler ARTFCD36

    Jazzy brushed snare and kick drum

  20. Urban Beat UBM 2146

    Modern sounds meet oriental-inspired flute. A clash between modern age and tradition.

  21. Dirty Bass Groove UBM 2205

    Bassy, repetitive rock jam. Bass effect from 1:14 on. Breaks at 1:22 and 1:33.

  22. Evil Drums UBM 2204

    fulminating percussion sphere; increasing

  23. Days Like This UBM 2213

    A drum intro makes way for a classic rock theme reminiscent of heavy 1970s bands - epic and powerful.