Playlist image November 25, 2020: International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

November 25, 2020: International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, also known as "International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women", is a day of remembrance and action to combat discrimination and violence held annually on November 25th every form towards women and girls. On this day, topics such as forced prostitution, sexual abuse, sex tourism, rape, female circumcision, domestic violence, forced marriage, prenatal gender selection, female poverty, femicide, etc. will be discussed. The color orange is used as the identification color and "Orange the World" as the slogan. Photo: Sidney Sims (

Tracks (16)

  1. Bad Thoughts UBM 2341

    Tense atmosphere. Quite abstract, very dark.

  2. Dark Dangers UBM 2314

    Alarming, wicked and very risky. This heavy rock tune in midtempo is not to be messed with.

  3. Requiem UBM 2329

    Haunting vocal bits and noisy strings create a very dismal atmosphere.

  4. The Enemy Approaches UBM 2266

    Fearful; dark; strained. The enemy approaches.Hopeless.

  5. Crystalline Sorrow ARTFCD57

    Despairing mood with signs of positivity

  6. All The Drama FE001

    Drama in every tone. Dark, foreshadowing and creepy.

  7. The Leak UBM 2363

    Suspense packed track as the roving reporter chases his leads.

  8. Psycho 07 UBM 2139

    Ominous sounds that suggest that something terrible will happen in the next moment. Ideal for thrillers, horror and scary movies.

  9. Zero Positive UBM 2296

    Complications. Cold drones and distant rhythm.

  10. Civilization Runs Its Course UBM 2387

    Threatening, hectic, technical. Perfect for topics like surveillance, natural disasters and humanitarian issues.

  11. Fall Apart UBM 2393

    Rock ballad with melodic guitars. Rising intensity to the hard-hitting chorus.

  12. Good Bye UBM 2356

    Slightly sad, yet happiness is also portrayed with this piece.

  13. The Last Review UBM 2367

    A piece for contemplation, of far rolling hills or landscapes to let you mind wander and flow with nature.

  14. Moments UBM 2318

    Melancholic guitar with floating sequence and piano.

  15. Together Again UBM 2248

    This hopeful and optimistic piano composition works for all things positive and graceful: weddings, fond memories and wonders of nature.