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E-mobility is taking up more and more space today. Electromobility describes the mobility of people and goods in geographic space with the help of electric drives. Photo: Waldemar Brandt (

Tracks (15)

  1. Mobile Payment UBM 2400

    Dynamic, lively track. Conveys self-confidence, striving for success and agility.

  2. Poison UBM 2287

    Uplifting fresh dance track with a vocal chop melody.

  3. Speed Need UBM 2314

    Start up the engine! This straight-on rock tune is a ball of energy and provides the soundtrack for motorcycle races and fun sport alike.

  4. Quickest Possibility UBM 2301

    Busy electronic track. Works for images of nightlife, technology, design, media, internet and communication. Bubbly, modern, subtle.

  5. Underground X ARTFCD05

    Funky dark bass riff feature

  6. Nite Out UBM 2402

    Slightly melancholy modern pop song with yearning autotune vocals and electronic instrumentation. Instrumental version available.

  7. Cozy Walk UBM 2310

    Cool vintage synthpop instrumental with creaking synthesizer sequence and a haunting electronic beat. Suggests motion and retro futuristic imagery.

  8. Impulse Generator UBM 2348

    Mysterious and intriguing. Futuristic music for images of modern society, big city traffic and communication channels.

  9. Party Pattern UBM 2253

    Fast, dynamic pop that is suitable for sports programs.

  10. Building Bubbles UBM 2251

    Positive sound bubbles sound like glockenspiel with synthesizers. Upward, motivating, dynamic. For posts about sports and exercise or innovative energies.

  11. The Best Of Us UBM 2277

    Music full of tension and movement. Suitable for scenes from secret laboratories and features of science and research.

  12. Side Stories UBM 2265

    Neutral track that covers anything from the daily news to an image film about eco-friendly energy generation.

  13. Funky Grid UBM 2210

    Breakbeat and distorted electric guitar. Upbeat, energetic and straightforward.

  14. Chasing Dreams UBM 2325

    Powerful rock track with a repetive riff. Positive, energetic vibe. Fast, resolute, driving. 173 bpm.

  15. Thrillseeker UBM 2225

    Extremely dramatic action score. Thrilling and bursting with energy!