Playlist image May 14: Eurovision Song Contest
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May 14: Eurovision Song Contest

On Saturday, May 14, the final of the 66th Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Turin. In 2021, the Italian band Måneskin won the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Rotterdam with the song "Zitti e buoni". This is the third time that the popular competition has been held in Italy, after 1965 in Naples and 1991 in Rome.

Tracks (14)

  1. Swinging Bells UBM 2102

    Waltzing and swinging. Carefree 60's lounge.

  2. Popmania UBM 2332

    Quirky, upbeat, kitschy. 1960s/ 1970s euro style with big band sound and a positive attitude. Happy, innocent, upbeat.

  3. Good Vibes UBM 2357

    It's Saturday night ... time to head to the disco!

  4. La Marcia UBM 2250

    A spirited melody with Mediterranean guitars, accordion and drums. Ideal for a boisterous family celebration with many different guests in an Italian restaurant.

  5. Baile Furioso UBM 2417

    This "fiery dance" alternates between Mediterranean folklore and rousing film music. Passionate clarinet meets acoustic guitar, castanets and strings.

  6. Nordic Idyll UBM 2412

    TV reports and podcasts about sustainable tourism, Scandinavian culture or healthy eating benefit from this cheerful instrumental.

  7. Green Hills UBM 2437

    Cheerful folk song that sounds like cozy evenings and family celebrations. Guitar, handclaps, flute.

  8. Morning Song UBM 2369

    Relaxed guitar and accordion sounds provide the perfect start to the day. Due to the French flair you automatically think of Paris at dawn.

  9. Reprise UBM 2320

    Percussive, rhythmic piano motif and cheerful, whistled melody. Rumba-like, featuring tenor horn.

  10. Explosive UBM 2431

    Lively, funny track with a retro feel. Reminds of silent film cinema, circus scenes and homeland films from Eastern Europe.

  11. Australian Rules ARTFCD13

    Striving positive didgeridoo

  12. Almeria UBM 2311

    Spanish guitar, acoustic, passionate, romantic, traditional, folk, lively, vibrant, festive, flamenco.