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Explain the world

For explainer videos, background analysis, reports and news. Neutral, background sound suitable for a wide range of topics; from science to politics to society. Photo: Martin Sanchez //

Tracks (14)

  1. Melancholic Timelapse UBM 2251

    Socially critical contributions and formats with a social focus benefit from this electronic track. Global, modern, questioning.

  2. Blue Pearl UBM 2323

    Playful and light mallet track in a neutral mode. Great for scientific contexts, business news and even the weather forecast.

  3. Photon Future UBM 2348

    Percussive echoes and an energetic synth sequencer. Atmospheric, futuristic, urban sound.

  4. IT Brand UBM 2360

    Perfect for info videos, commercials and viral campaigns for apps, software products or social networks. Positive, humane, optimistic.

  5. BFF UBM 2459

    A solid ambience in the same familiar quality we've come to appreciate. Smoothly underlined by authentic lofi beats. For streetwear shops or subcultural tutorials.

  6. Change Is Today UBM 2382

    Dynamic track with marimba and strings. Ideal for reports on social change, population growth and social structures.

  7. Art Energy UBM 2348

    Bright, radiating positive energy. Pairing of electronic beat and pads with acoustic elements.

  8. Robot Humanity UBM 2232

    Hopeful, reflective track suitable for online consumer protection reports.

  9. Last Goodbye UBM 2354

    A track for longing scenes of farewell or slightly melancholic memories. Thoughtful, soulful, loving.

  10. On The Rooftop UBM 2411

    Relaxed beat with a violin-like melody, which is suitable for reports on city life as well as for images of luxury and a dissolute lifestyle.

  11. Eclipse UBM 2423

    Neutral trap track that primarily appeals to young target groups. For advertising modern technologies.

  12. Free Ride UBM 2354

    For pictures of untouched nature, backpacking, camping, nature and mountain excursions. Warm, humane, positive, harmonious.

  13. Secret Journey UBM 2444

    "Secret Journey" takes its listener on a loungy cruise in shallow waters, through mellow shoals made of synth pads and jazzy guitar.