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Extreme Sports

Extreme sport is the approach to extreme sporting limits. For extreme athletes, this means an extraordinary technical, logistical, physical or psychological challenge, which is usually associated with high risks. Photo: Hu Chen (

Tracks (14)

  1. Frozen Pictures UBM 2238

    Conceptual, abstract electronic underscore for images of concentration, focussed work and cold environments.

  2. Brickwall UBM 2393

    Energetic modern metal / post-hardcore. Uncompromising and powerful.

  3. Focus On UBM 2383

    Slow strings play a careful melody reminiscent of small, scared animals or insects. Suitable for nature documentaries.

  4. The Great Escape UBM 2295

    Building tension with fast synth sequences and rolling percussion.

  5. New Emerging Markets UBM 2400

    Fast piano arpeggios and string accents suggest flexibility, inventiveness and creative business models.

  6. Construction Views UBM 2279

    Stumbling, complex electronic beat with strings and acoustic bass, suitable for sports or time-lapses.

  7. Surrounder UBM 2388

    Soulful piano composition with a calm beginning, but a dramatic, rocking middle section that appears somber. Powerful natural forces or the extent of environmental pollution can be convincingly underlined.

  8. Thrillseeker UBM 2225

    Extremely dramatic action score. Thrilling and bursting with energy!

  9. Traileresque UBM 2190

    Highly dramatic track for action and cinematic trailers, pounding drums, electronics and choir from 0:43 on.

  10. Eip Chase ARTFCD45

    Huge orchestral sounds with African percussion

  11. Metal Dance UBM 2204

    Dramatic, aggressive and supportive guitars with orchestra.

  12. Addicted to Crime UBM 2372

    Hard rock track with plenty of attitude. For pictures of motorcycles, road trips and the 1970s.

  13. Exorbitant UBM 2312

    Starts off like a heavy grunge track than suddenly turns into relentless thrash metal. Dirty medium-tempo guitar riff and wailing solo guitar.

  14. Metal UBM 2325

    Fast and furious riffing, pummeling drums and a fun breakdown part for images of action, extreme sports and subculture.