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Am 22. Februar ist Aschermittwoch und damit startet die diesjährige Fastenzeit. 40 Tage lang verzichten viele Menschen auf Ungesundes wie Alkohol, Kaffee, Industriezucker oder auch Fernsehen, Computerspiele und ähnliches. Unser Tracklist zum Detoxen.

Tracks (23)

  1. Holistic Healing UBM 2415

    For relaxation and sleep apps, this warm analogue synthesizer track is the right choice. It opens up a world of peace and security.

  2. Water Garden UBM 2143

    Gentle piano melody for meditative content or sleep apps.

  3. Frisbee UBM 2467

    Jazzy easy listening track for daytime TV. Suitable for consumer tips, tutorials and everyday topics such as pets and home improvement.

  4. 10 AM UBM 2434

    Monday morning, 10 o'clock: Mr. Canterbury and Ms. Tinsley are having a little chat at the water cooler about the previous weekend's activities.

  5. Funky Fitness UBM 2468

    Whether it's a fitness course or a workout at home with the online tutorial: if you exercise regularly, you'll stay fit and healthy for longer! This motivating pop track with funky e-guitar, bass and drums will get any couch potato moving.

  6. Flowing Piece UBM 2474

    The Rhine flows majestically over a distance of over 1200km. From the source in Switzerland, it flows through nine European countries. This neo-romantic piano composition translates the tranquility of this historic stream into warm arpeggios and a soulful melody.

  7. Hope And Premonition UBM 2461

    Contemplative track for idyllic, hopeful images. Sub-versions available in exciting or thoughtful mood.

  8. Daytime UBM 2236

    Contemporary piece with acoustic guitar and strings. For romantic, spring-like film scenes.

  9. Happy Morning TWPM 051

    Very positive modern acoustic track with guitars, bell like synths and full of sunshine featuring catchy acoustic and electric piano melody.

  10. Drifting Away UBM 2233

    Pulsating underscore, artificial yet warm.

  11. Oriental Tune UBM 2417

    Passionate track that invites you to dance between klezmer and oriental folk music. Increasing energy, great for travel impressions and reports on topics such as migration and tradition.

  12. Bouncy Clarinet ARTFCD49

    Fun and quirky theme with piano and glockenspiel

  13. Awaking UBM 2178

    positive, warm, easygoing

  14. Organic Production UBM 2474

    More and more people rely on regional products and sustainable agriculture in the supermarket or at the weekly market. This unobtrusively playful track underscores consumer advice and local travel tips - near and far!

  15. The Balance UBM 2160

    Sincere, friendly light acoustic based tune, uncomplicated, positive and warm, background vocal, modern

  16. Absolute Peace UBM 2118

    Sweet piano and soft guitar create total inner harmony

  17. Anthill UBM 2448

    This track sounds driving, focused and dynamic. For scenes and reports about an urban living environment or urgent business worlds.

  18. Oil On Canvas UBM 2458

    Warm electronica for emotional pictures. Slightly sentimental without sounding cheesy. Strings, piano, electronic drums.

  19. Go Ahead UBM 2170

    light tension with augmentation; devious

  20. Flowing Stream UBM 2167

    releaxed, mellow, lovely

  21. Balance UBM 2466

    Finally closing time! End the day with a dinner together and talk to family and friends about everything and everything - that's what this harmonious track sounds like.