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French Open 2023

The French Open is the second tennis tournament of the Grand Slam tournaments and has been held every year since 1891 between mid-May and early June at the Stade Roland Garros in Paris. As the only clay court tournament in the Grand Slam series, it poses a special challenge for the players, as playing on red clay is much slower than, for example, on hard court surfaces. Photo: Darko Nesic on

Tracks (27)

  1. It's Time To Decide TWPM 011

    Tense, dramatic cinematic soundscape with pulsing synths, percussion, piano and strings.

  2. Funky Fitness UBM 2468

    Whether it's a fitness course or a workout at home with the online tutorial: if you exercise regularly, you'll stay fit and healthy for longer! This motivating pop track with funky e-guitar, bass and drums will get any couch potato moving.

  3. Urbanization UBM 2479

    Where once there were meadows and fields, office towers are now springing up like mushrooms. The urbanization is electrifying, sweeping, infectious with its hustle and bustle. Ticking hihats, fast bass drums and a repetitive scrap of melody characterize this track.

  4. Arcadium UBM 2480

    The 80's are back! Luminous neon signs point the way to the aerobics studio. Perfect for fitness, dynamic content or retro themes.

  5. Go Hide TWPM 038

    Epic pop - rock track with pounding big drums, sharp synths and modern sound-design elements featuring female vocal and male indie rock choir hooks. Perfect for reality action-game show. Run or they will catch you!

  6. Summer Funkin' UBM 2457

    Versatile track with a neutral to positive mood. Percussive with trumpet and breakbeats, he gives lifestyle magazines and podcasts on social issues a warm touch. Sophisticated and urban with jazzy elements.

  7. Plastic Diet UBM 2485

    What begins as a 1990s eurodance or techno hit is soon torn apart and reassembled into an eclectic, fidgety pastiche for the meme age.

  8. Looping Atoms UBM 2411

    Airy, catchy sound with looped vocals samples. For social media and posts about sub and youth culture.

  9. Midtempo Groove UBM 2205

    Relaxed & steady. With occasional trumpet and flute.

  10. Quirky Times UBM 2385

    Hip, young and dynamic, this track is suitable for podcasts and reports on youth culture, gaming, sports or gossip news.

  11. A Parisian Affair UBM 2492

    Perhaps the most famous cuisine in the world stands for regional freshness, gourmet ingredients and upscale cuisine. This laid-back folk track is more reminiscent of a bistro than a 3-star restaurant, but it also goes well with posts about organic farming, sustainable consumption or idyllic country life.

  12. Downtown Pulse UBM 2210

    Propulsive and dynamic with a positive undertone. Groovy guitars with some funk infusions.

  13. Dodgem 96 UBM 2451

    It is 1996, a sunny day in October. You and your Rollergirl gang are spending it between bumper cars, roller coasters and other rides. In the Red Cross tent at the edge of the fair, a paramedic treats your Tamagotchi for a suspected case of mild whiplash. You find his eyebrow piercing really cute.

  14. Roove Baby Full Version SLAM0017


  15. Let's Walk UBM 2368

    Cool and groovy! Positive, optimistic Feelgood-Jazz with authentic joie de vivre and enjoyment. Perfect for travel reports, cultural and art programs and late night broadcasts.

  16. Life Groove ARTFCD40

    Moving modern background

  17. Professor Groove UBM 2377

    Funk music of the best kind: groovy, warm and cool. For cultural contributions and reviews.

  18. Run Away And Hide UBM 2372

    The right soundtrack for departure, rebellion and change. Not too aggressive, yet rocking and stirring.

  19. Happy News UBM 2193

    Energetic and with a steady drumbeat. Encouraging and perfect for sports & leisure programs.

  20. Conscience Awakening UBM 2449

    This track sounds modern, urban and exhausted. Suitable for reports on the danger of bournout in big cities.

  21. Funky Neutrality UBM 2179

    Lifestyle flair of the 1990s are evoked thanks to this underscore. For image films or permanent advertisements.

  22. Lipton Rock UBM 2213

    Positive, catchy indie rock track. Mid-tempo.

  23. Ever The Charmer UBM 2459

    Cheap keyboard sounds atop a stumbling rhythm and a weird distorted lead line. Extravagant individualism to the point of eccentricity is implied.

  24. Lifestyle 8 UBM 2151

    anthemic, sporty, pleasurable

  25. Privacy UBM 2453

    Strings and piano combine to create a somber and ominous sound. For unsolved criminal cases and mysterious shows.