Playlist image French Open 2020

French Open 2020

Originally planned from May 24th to June 7th, the French Open will take place from September 21st to October 11th this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As the last Grand Slam tournament of the year, the competition is happening for the 124th time. The venue for the famous clay court tournament is, as always, the Stade Roland Garros in Paris, France. Photo: Darko Nesic on

Tracks (15)

  1. Midtempo Groove UBM 2205

    Relaxed & steady. With occasional trumpet and flute.

  2. Quirky Times UBM 2385

    Hip, young and dynamic, this track is suitable for podcasts and reports on youth culture, gaming, sports or gossip news.

  3. Downtown Pulse UBM 2210

    Propulsive and dynamic with a positive undertone. Groovy guitars with some funk infusions.

  4. Let's Walk UBM 2368

    Cool and groovy! Positive, optimistic Feelgood-Jazz with authentic joie de vivre and enjoyment. Perfect for travel reports, cultural and art programs and late night broadcasts.

  5. Life Groove ARTFCD40

    Moving modern background

  6. Professor Groove UBM 2377

    Funk music of the best kind: groovy, warm and cool. For cultural contributions and reviews.

  7. Run Away And Hide UBM 2372

    The right soundtrack for departure, rebellion and change. Not too aggressive, yet rocking and stirring.

  8. Motown Beat UBM 2357

    Entspannter, groovender Track mit Orgel und E-Gitarre.

  9. Happy News UBM 2193

    Energetic and with a steady drumbeat. Encouraging and perfect for sports & leisure programs.

  10. Funky Neutrality UBM 2179

    vivid & nonchalant; life-style flair

  11. Lipton Rock UBM 2213

    Positive, catchy indie rock track. Mid-tempo.

  12. Lifestyle 8 UBM 2151

    anthemic, sporty, pleasurable