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Video Games

In 1946 the first computer game for a tube computer was developed by Thomas T. Goldsmith Jr. and Estle Ray Mann and the development of new technologies and games continues to this day. In 2020 alone, computer and video games generated sales of 1.17 billion euros in Germany.

Tracks (14)

  1. Future Delirium UBM 2394

    Retrofuturistic track that brings the 80s back to life. Dreamy, spherical, emotional.

  2. Retro Games UBM 2396

    Electronic retro sound reminiscent of the 1980s. Walkman, Gameboy and early computer games.

  3. Conqueror UBM 2387

    Dramatic track accompanied by an impressive choir. Ideal for spectacular war scenes or computer games.

  4. Strange Times UBM 2435

    Great synth sound for hip retro horror. Warm keyboard pads and arpeggios are reminiscent of gruesome film classics from the 1970s and 80s.

  5. Storm Is Coming UBM 2371

    Imposing wind instruments and beats create a threatening mood, suitable for depictions of war preparations and battlefields in films and computer games.

  6. Thrillseeker UBM 2225

    Extremely dramatic action score. Thrilling and bursting with energy!

  7. Treasure Hunt UBM 2404

    A mystical fantasy world shaped by adventures and challenges opens its gates. With choir, snare drum and strings, medium tempo.

  8. Evaluate UBM 2234

    Slower beat, cascading synth line with oriental elements...and then a heavy breakdown part. Exciting, restless track for action and energy.

  9. Adrenaline UBM 2312

    Up-tempo, driving, neo-punk song exciting and flowing.

  10. Frontline UBM 2363

    Mid-tempo, thrilling composition for scenes in the newsroom. Deep piano tones with restless strings.

  11. Action Drive UBM 2204

    steady orchestral accents with dramatical climax

  12. Loneliness UBM 2266

    Sad, scary. The threat is omnipresent. Scary ticking.

  13. Black Weapon UBM 2243

    Cinematic orchestral sound. Military marching drums and fanfares convey a sense of urgency and urgency. For war dramas, superhero films and computer games.

  14. Absolutely 80s UBM 2394

    A happy retro track that will bring back the 80s. For TV and radio broadcasts with a strong vintage vibe.