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Gardening is currently more popular than ever. Whether in the home garden, on the balcony or in the rented allotment: growing your own fruit and vegetables is back in vogue. And with it the awareness of the origin and regionality of the food. Photo: Elaine Casap (

Tracks (14)

  1. Farmer's Market UBM 2369

    Lively track with bossa nova elements creates a positive feeling and reminds the listener of the delightful Italian way of life.

  2. Country Side SLAM002

    Idyllic sunset after a day in the fresh air. Cozy, warm and familiar.

  3. Beautiful Garden UBM 2336

    Serene composition for paradisical sceneries and tender memories.

  4. A Breath Of Fresh Air UBM 2376

    Airy, cheerful, idyllic. This piano and guitar piece fits perfectly with family series and shallow evening programs

  5. Chocolate UBM 2290

    Retro track with Hammond organ and bassoon. Subtly ironic.

  6. Champ De Ble UBM 2353

    Perfect accompaniment to a buggy ride along the moors or open countryside.

  7. In Peace UBM 2362

    Peaceful, unruffled arrangement for impressionist images of untouched nature, calm reflection and touching memories.

  8. Ascension UBM 2256

    Positive, inspiring track with guitar and drums. Ideal for mild summer days and family trips.

  9. Together Again UBM 2248

    This hopeful and optimistic piano composition works for all things positive and graceful: weddings, fond memories and wonders of nature.

  10. Gran Tarantella UBM 2250

    This lively track creates a mood of enjoyment and happiness. Ideal for cooking programs and Italian cuisine. Mediterranean sound with piano, clarinet, flute, percussion, castanets and double bass.

  11. Ingredients UBM 2386

    Guitar, brass and percussion create an almost Brazilian sound. Cool, funky, fresh - just like the list of ingredients.

  12. A Place To Be UBM 2284

    Pleasant guitar track with a homely feeling, suitable for depictions of families, children or friendships.

  13. Action On The Farm I UBM 2235

    Vintage cartoon sound, for soapbox derbys and trouble on the farm.