Playlist image October 03, 2021: German Unity Day

October 03, 2021: German Unity Day

October 3rd was designated as the day of German unity in the Unification Treaty of 1990 as a public holiday in Germany. As the German national holiday, it commemorates the German reunification. Photo: Christian Wiediger (

Tracks (17)

  1. Ricochet UBM 2421

    Avant-garde composition for costume films, light dramas and romantic content. Positive, hurried, easy.

  2. Sechser UBM 2320

    Peaceful, dreamy solo piano piece in prancing 6/8 timing. Pure, innocent, loving.

  3. Fall From Grace UBM 2354

    Driving guitar figure, piano and percussion convey energy and confidence. Increasing energy for an uplifting effect.

  4. Curious Mind UBM 2405

    Curious, fresh, alert. Positive track for biographical features or nature shots.

  5. Moving Into The Ghetto UBM 2285

    Touching Lamento played on piano and violin. Graceful, sad, emotional.

  6. Minimalus No.1 UBM 2430

    Crystalline strings and warm pads create an atmosphere of urgency and passion. For reports on dramatic events, time lapse of large cities or advertising for luxury items such as perfume and jewelry.

  7. Tiddler UBM 2332

    Folky acoustic guitar meets psychedelic sounds in this short interlude.

  8. Velvet UBM 2318

    Smooth, sensual piano ballad, love.

  9. Our Movement UBM 2382

    Thoughtful piano piece with strings that add a dramatic touch. Critical, disappointed, ready to fight. Perfect for social movements and rebellion.

  10. Good Days Bad Days UBM 2193

    A bit more introspective. Piano, guitar, bass and drums. Hopeful and inspiring.

  11. Prolonging UBM 2220

    Uplifting, enchanting solo piano piece. Highly motivating.

  12. Emotional Threshold UBM 2402

    Warm, flowing electronica for modern, tech-savvy content. Radiates youth, dynamism and warmth.

  13. Beauty Falls HT0016

    Airy instrumental reminiscent of Brian Eno, Air or Moby.

  14. Happy Today UBM 2231

    Guitar, piano and strings; upbeat, caring and heartfelt.

  15. Reflections UBM 2356

    Thoughtful, reflective moods flow with this track.

  16. The First Day Of Autumn UBM 2338

    Contemplative mood. Acoustic guitars and strings.

  17. Approaching Fate UBM 2390

    Minimalist neo-classical composition. Open, questioning. For sophisticated documentaries, true crime podcasts and social topics.