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Grilling | BBQ

Grilling or roasting over an open fire is an original method of cooking food - it only requires control of the fire and does not require any cookware. Barbecuing is one of the world's most popular social pastimes, especially at summer temperatures. Photo: Daniel Hooper (

Tracks (15)

  1. Faces UBM 2359

    Urgent and searching, with acoustic and electric guitars. Summons images of vast American landscapes, wilderness adventures, and nostalgic stories.

  2. Magical UBM 2332

    Warm and tender, yet energetic. Strummed guitar and accentuated strings characterize this flowing, merry track. Rich instrumentation and vocal bits for added depth.

  3. Country Side SLAM002

    Idyllic sunset after a day in the fresh air. Cozy, warm and familiar.

  4. Banjo Country Bliss UBM 2265

    A calm and optimistic sound that conveys a feeling of caravaning and sunsets. Banjo, acoustic guitar.

  5. Country Fair UBM 2369

    This fast track perfectly transports the lifestyle of the US southern states. Suitable for programs about emigrants or tourism magazines.

  6. Lonely Heart UBM 2284

    Beautifully melodic folk track, perfectly suitable for traditional work, nature and summer evenings with a bonfire.

  7. Ingredients UBM 2386

    Guitar, brass and percussion create an almost Brazilian sound. Cool, funky, fresh - just like the list of ingredients.

  8. Retro Kitchen UBM 2332

    Sensual and jazzy, this track combines retro organ with bright strings and surf guitars. Fun, quirky, cheerful.

  9. Giocoliere UBM 2250

    An exuberant accordion piece that is reminiscent of a warm family celebration or a lively farmer's market in Italy.

  10. Free Mind UBM 2385

    Carefree and harmonious, this piano composition is suitable for family issues such as education, healthy eating or as background music for DIY projects.

  11. Endless Summer UBM 2354

    Relax and unwind and enjoy the good weather with friends and family.

  12. Party Lick UBM 2314

    Dynamic power pop/ rock anthem for party nights, fun sports and positive action.

  13. Fuel Happiness UBM 2227

    Warm, uplifting track for commercials and trailers. Very family-friendly.

  14. Bubblegum UBM 2365

    Fun, lively track with acoustic guitar, strings, handclaps and fun sound effects. For childrens' TV, clowns and commercials for toys.