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Home Improvement & Makeover

In countless reality TV formats, apartments and houses are given a general overhaul. Sometimes the residents are messies, sometimes a new chic interior design is simply desired. Here is our playlist for rearranging, cleaning, mucking out and renovating. Photo: charlesdeluvio/ Unsplash

Tracks (19)

  1. Fresh Start UBM 2434

    Everything's new, everything's different – from the email signature to the pattern of the office carpet. The first day in a new job. Hands-on and coldly calculating.

  2. Hot Glue UBM 2511

    Smart commercials or articles about DIY and life hacks are audibly enhanced by this lively track.

  3. Countryside Stroll UBM 2517

    Reality TV is no longer conceivable without furnishing and decoration shows. Wherever you look, there is crafting, wallpapering and cooking going on everywhere. This acoustic track radiates warmth and comfort.

  4. On Vogue UBM 2516

    Relaxed instrumental for makeup tutorials, articles about fashion and lifestyle or popular dating formats.

  5. Popmania UBM 2332

    Quirky, upbeat, kitschy. 1960s/ 1970s euro style with big band sound and a positive attitude. Happy, innocent, upbeat.

  6. Clapping Piece UBM 2205

    Playful & uplifting with a funky flavour. Handclaps, guitars, bass, wah-wah.

  7. Relaxed Renovation UBM 2484

    Upbeat track with funky bass and lively acoustic guitar. He lends a Mediterranean touch to cooking shows or lifestyle magazines. Savoir vivre!

  8. Duplex UBM 2482

    Contemporary architecture impresses with clear lines, minimalism and rooms flooded with light.

  9. Broadway Vibes UBM 2494

    Classic late night and talk show sound with class! E-guitar, piano and drums provide the right musical background for TV shows between entertainment and seriousness.

  10. Blue Funk UBM 2357

    Funky retro track that will make you dance right away. With a cool lead guitar and e-organ solos.

  11. Another Beautiful Day UBM 2481

    More and more young people value a good work-life balance, with extra quality time spent together and keeping up with other leisurely pastimes.

  12. New Flat TWPM 002

    Tender, optimistic indie with delightful, catchy celesta melody and drum loop featuring male vocals.

  13. Yacht Rock UBM 2490

    Back to the 80s with this peppy catchy tune! That is the sound of carefree lightness, upscale hobbies such as sailing and catamarans or informal get-togethers with friends and business partners.

  14. Neighbour's Secrets UBM 2476

    A ponderous bass clarinet meets playful flutes. Ideal for comedy or mishap videos.

  15. Moonshiner TWPM 043

    Quirky modern sounding oom-pah surf rock featuring 50s guitar theme with brass band.

  16. Strategy UBM 2501

    Accented guitar, handclaps and a tropical beat characterize this housey track. Great for travel suppliers, airlines or aerobics tutorials.

  17. Food Coma UBM 2471

    After a meal that is a bit too greasy and extensive, the only thing that helps is rest and waiting. For example to this loungy track with piano, characterful bass and lively percussion. Perfect for cooking shows, weather reports, consumer advice or interior design tips.