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Housing Market

Even after the election campaign, the competitive housing market will remain a constant topic in politics and the media. Suitable music on topics such as gentrification, social hot spots, economics and political discourse can be found here. Photo by Vita Marija Murenaite on Unsplash

Tracks (15)

  1. Minimalus No.5 UBM 2430

    Regularly and unobtrusively. A simple piano motif is surrounded by warm ambient pads.

  2. Flow of Trade UBM 2319

    The soundtrack to images of international markets, fiscal politics and economics. Busy, unstoppable, serious.

  3. Review UBM 2432

    Contributions about politics, election campaigns or economic developments benefit from this track that conveys subtle tension.

  4. Spirit UBM 2351

    Lively marimba and longing strings create a serious atmosphere that matches films and documentaries about politics, society and the economy.

  5. Urbanisation UBM 2301

    Starting with an ambient atmosphere, the track slowly builds into a driving backdrop for a drive through a metropole, as new york for example.

  6. Asphalt UBM 2423

    Hip Hop with a piano that sounds heavy, dark and thoughtful. For features about street culture or urban subcultures.

  7. Heliostation UBM 2429

    Thoughtful track at a medium pace. For reports and podcasts on topics such as environmental protection, global warming and renewable energies.

  8. Financial Breakdown UBM 2361

    The financial system collapses. Subtle piano melodies, staccato strings, ticking clocks and eerie soundscapes makes the blood freeze in your veins.

  9. Sneaking Decay UBM 2426

    Subtle tune with strings, increasing drums and a bit of theremine for a haunting mood. Sneaky, subliminal, clever.

  10. Our Movement UBM 2382

    Thoughtful piano piece with strings that add a dramatic touch. Critical, disappointed, ready to fight. Perfect for social movements and rebellion.

  11. Business In Heaven UBM 2378

    Instrumental hiphop; moving, fresh and confident.

  12. Your AI UBM 2360

    Slightly threatening track that illustrates the unknown future. For documentaries and features on the darker sides of technology.

  13. Kobra UBM 2340

    Piano, flute accents, percussive drums, atmospheric synths and a busy distorted guitar create a mysterious, slightly threatening mood.

  14. Design UBM 2326

    With a Jazz ambient atmosphere, this track can accompany you on a nightly walk through the big city streets.

  15. Data Chip UBM 2307

    Technological, neutral, pulsating. Purely electronic music for the digital age. Ambient electronica.