Playlist image August 15, 2022: 75 years of independence for India and Pakistan
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August 15, 2022: 75 years of independence for India and Pakistan

Swatantrata Divas, Independence Day, is one of the three national holidays celebrating India's end of British colonial rule. Their foreign rule ended in 1947 after decades of protests by the Indian population and the non-violent resistance led by Mahatma Gandhi. Because of religious and ethnic strife, what was once British India was divided into two independent states: predominantly Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan. The division process was by no means peaceful. During the following years, conflicts similar to civil wars broke out. Photo by Joshuva Daniel on Unsplash

Tracks (13)

  1. Bolllywood Beat HT0049

    Downtempo, grooving Middle Eastern worldbeat track blending hip hop drums and live bass, with traditional sitar, flute, tanpura, and tablas.

  2. Indian Heat ARTFCD13

    Sultry tabla rhythms

  3. Delicate Escape UBM 2266

    Dynamic, threatening and gloomy. The secret escape harbours many dangers and unexpected difficulties.

  4. Sanson Mein HT0049

    Indian Pop with Hindi vocals and a catchy piano riff. Gives a great sense of hope.

  5. Rajah Dancing EA001

    Musical impression of an indian king from an african perspective. Cultural exchange!

  6. Indian Summer ARTFCD30

    Warm synths & tabla

  7. Mein Keh Dunga HT0049

    Raga-based Indian pop, With Hindi vocals. Would work well for a love/relationship drama.

  8. Indian Sky UBM 2171

    raw, wild, nature flair

  9. Jewels Of Mumbai UBM 2331

    Percussive ethnic pop with influences from India. Warm, positive, peaceful. 110 bpm. Instrumental version available.

  10. Larjte Hathon HT0049

    Indian / Bollywood style music, with Hindi vocals lead and rock guitars.

  11. Amber Se Bhangra HT0049

    Fast dancing beat, Pop Indian, With Hindi vocals, fast.

  12. Indian Summer UBM 2156

    Dulcimer with overtone flute and drums.

  13. Dusky India UBM 2266

    Menacing, dark, dangerous. For exciting thrillers or nerve-wracking horror films.