Playlist image Inflation
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Inflation is at a record high and the rate is expected to rise further for the time being. The euro is thus losing more and more of its value.

Tracks (14)

  1. Charge Me High UBM 2429

    Bright synthesizer sounds and pulsating accents. Pleasantly flowing track for images of product design, modern manufacturing facilities and mobility.

  2. Sunlight On Water UBM 2283

    Flowing mid-tempo track; ticking electronica.

  3. High Frequency Trading UBM 2346

    Busy, professional, potentially dangerous. Pulsating synth track for images of the stock market, speculation and political debates.

  4. Caring UBM 2381

    Modest and neutral. Ideal for stock market and weather reports, as well as drawing the lottery numbers.

  5. Holographic UBM 2411

    Subtle threatening instrumental for shady operations.

  6. Photon Future UBM 2348

    Percussive echoes and an energetic synth sequencer. Atmospheric, futuristic, urban sound.

  7. Data Connected UBM 2400

    Fast track for digital life and network-based communication.

  8. Proton UBM 2301

    Pleasant, scientific, curious, warm, and laid back. With a light electronic industrial feel to it.

  9. Consumer Information UBM 2432

    Serious, exciting, investigative. Ideal track for breaking news and thrilling reports.

  10. Neuroplasticity UBM 2442

    Crystalline, percussive synthesizer arpeggios with sparse electronic beats. Ideal for neurological topics, features about networks and big data and investigative research.

  11. Organized Crime UBM 2258

    A threatening mood is spread through this track. For dark machinations and the abuse of power and money.

  12. Consumer Tip UBM 2319

    Mid-tempo electronic atmosphere that starts out rather mellow but gets lighter. Great for news, business magazine, corporate presentations.

  13. Hazardous Substances UBM 2408

    Sinister machinations about economic advantages and money laundering can be ideally described with this track.