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Influencers are people who regularly publish content (text, images, audio, video) on a topic. To do this, they use internet-based communication channels such as blogs and social networks such as Instagram or YouTube. They stand out from the mass of social media users because their activities achieve long reach and thus have a high influence on their followers. Photo by Pocky Lee on Unsplash

Tracks (15)

  1. Life Of Luxury UBM 2378

    The right soundtrack for pictures of successful product launches, start-up culture or young successful entrepreneurs.

  2. Beautiful People UBM 2109

    Disco-tempo electro/house beats. Solemn trumpet theme.

  3. Roger Moore UBM 2272

    Dynamic track with a funky piano melody. For charismatic film heroes from the 70s.

  4. Paradiso UBM 2121

    Mid tempo house with mediterranean flavour. Warm summer guitar vibes.

  5. CHVRCH UBM 2334

    Uber cool 80s synth-pop tune with analog synths, lively claps, and crystalline arpeggio lines. Irresistibly hip.

  6. Hookah Lounge HT0026

    Electronic drum groove, cool rhodes, cut up vocal scat dj style. Hipster hangout.

  7. Good Vibes UBM 2357

    It's Saturday night ... time to head to the disco!

  8. Speed It Up UBM 2385

    Dynamic, fresh and young. Ideal for political podcasts or innovative ideas.

  9. Ba-Deerix UBM 2177

    retro 80s spheres with easy & friendly hook

  10. Destiny UBM 2372

    Great rock song with a vintage feel. For (analog) pictures of moped gangs, flea markets and youth culture in the 60s, 70s and 80s.

  11. Disco Queen UBM 2135

    Glamour girls, retro synth strings

  12. Dancing Crowdz UBM 2245

    Confident hipster jam with lush synthesizers, driving 4/4 drums and a warm guitar riff. Works for the dance floor, sports, youth programs and fun action.

  13. IT Brand UBM 2360

    Perfect for info videos, commercials and viral campaigns for apps, software products or social networks. Positive, humane, optimistic.

  14. Jammin' UBM 2377

    Cool track with summery percussion elements, funk guitar and wah-wah effects. Summer, sun, vacation and beach are the first associations.

  15. I Like You 2 UBM 2256

    Melodic and dynamic. Guitar and drums create an idyllic atmosphere. Well suited for a day at the lake or a bike tour.