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Instrument Of The Year

The Instrument of the Year 2020 is the violin.

Tracks (14)

  1. Victoria UBM 2342

    Light waltz, featuring a slightly melancholic violin melody with warm piano accompaniment. Evokes historical images of Vienna coffee house culture and salon music.

  2. Ricochet UBM 2236

    strings; 20th Century; avantgarde; neo-classical; classical

  3. House Of Intrigue UBM 2260

    Melancholic strings and piano that spread a dark premonition. For dramas, romantic tragedies and feelings of longing.

  4. Early Departure UBM 2335

    Farewell in the morning light. Beautiful piano cascades and romantic violin that sound melancholy yet optimistic.

  5. Wonderful Time UBM 2308

    Grand neo-classical orchestra theme with undertones of nostalgia and romance. Beautifully orchestrated, warm sound.

  6. It's Done UBM 2285

    A slightly sad orchestrated piece featuring piano, violin and string section.

  7. Horses UBM 2286

    An up-tempo jaunty composition, full of positive feelings and inviting to do some step dance.

  8. Elephant Waltz UBM 2336

    Short playful waltz. Slightly nostalgic, sweet and romantic.

  9. Russian Heart ARTFCD31

    Yearning Eastern European violin

  10. Dreams Of You UBM 2328

    Classic Hollywood sound – big orchestra and dramatic strings. Longing, sad and nostalgic mood.

  11. A Splash Of Color UBM 2317

    Mystical and secretive, with a playful undertone that becomes more serious over the course of the track.

  12. Help from above_Violins MS001

    Mid tempo,feel good,African

  13. Growing Live UBM 2268

    Staccato strings and minimal vibraphone create a mood of magic and fairytales. Ideal for children's films, images of nature or love stories.