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Instrument Of The Year 2024

In Germany, the State Music Council chooses the “Instrument of the Year” every year. In 2024 the honor goes to: the tuba! Although still quite young, the tuba is a natural part of the musical landscape. In large symphonic orchestras as well as in smaller brass ensembles of different styles, it creates the foundation of brass music with its deep and voluminous tone and often also takes on a rhythmic function. Photo by Sorin Sîrbu on Unsplash

Tracks (17)

  1. Feel The Beat UBM 2417

    This lively song with tuba and accordion sounds like a musical invitation to a village festival in the Balkans. Lively, warm and full of authenticity.

  2. Good Company UBM 2276

    Latin American influences can be heard clearly. Ideal for early evening series, shallow dramas, and family entertainment.

  3. Svejk TWAS 003

    Lively military march in 'oom-pah' style.

  4. Cozy Places UBM 2519

    A cozy home is a place where you feel comfortable and where you can relax. It is a place where you can watch a film or read a good book with your loved ones. It is a place where you can retreat to find peace and quiet. The atmosphere is as warm and inviting as this track.

  5. Gypsy Bier UBM 2499

    This cozy folk track oscillates between Balkan jazz and alpine folk music. Timelessly charming, it is suitable for vintage formats, travelogues, antique roadshows, regional and European topics.

  6. Now Hurry UBM 2265

    Lively, fast, happy. Ideal for positive images and moods. Acoustic guitar and tuba.

  7. Rum Zeck UBM 2320

    Small brass ensemble playing a fun polka with happy whistled melody. German/ Bavarian folk style with tuba, french horn and flugelhorn.

  8. A Perplexing Predicament UBM 2529

    The duck family is enjoying their Sunday outing until they encounter an obstacle. The new amphibious guidance system on the country road causes astonishment. But ducks wouldn't be ducks if they didn't find a solution, and so they simply flutter over the toad fence. Witty, humorous, imaginative; with tuba, saxophone and clarinet.

  9. Jape In The Afternoon UBM 2235

    Funny, lazy, good-humored with a vintage vibe. Brass, drums and banjo.

  10. Broken Knife UBM 2403

    Humorous, funny cartoonish track.

  11. Family Affairs UBM 2457

    Lively retro track with piano, trumpet, tuba, drums and clarinet. Great for busy scenes like a circus, fair, parade or variety show.

  12. Sauerkraut Lover UBM 2492

    The fun in the Bavarian village barn is in full swing. The wheat beer flows in streams, the pretzels wander over the counter in a matter of minutes. The village band plays heartily for the dance.

  13. Active Ants UBM 2264

    Banjo, Tuba and drums create a hectic yet joyful track. For quick motion or DYI tutorials.

  14. Tipsy Thing UBM 2264

    Ideal for slapstick, comedies, animation and fun children's programs. Crazy, positive, weird.

  15. Bavarian Gaudi UBM 2412

    Whether Oktoberfest, après-ski or Scheuengaudi: this exuberant folk tune creates a good atmosphere!

  16. Z' Lauterbach hab i mein Strumpf verlor'n UBM 2107

    South German / Alpen region folk music.