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Instrument Of The Year 2022

In Germany, the State Music Council chooses the “Instrument of the Year” every year. In 2021 that was the organ and now: the drums! Photo by Matthijs Smit on Unsplash

Tracks (13)

  1. The Shuffler ARTFCD36

    Jazzy brushed snare and kick drum

  2. Thumbs Up UBM 2443

    A low kick drum rumble, so faint it's barely audible, opens up a jammy fusion piece with a bell-like electric piano, direct-sounding, virtuoso electric bass-playing and restrained drums.

  3. Easy Now ARTFCD36

    Slow brushed snare and kick drum

  4. Midtempo Groove UBM 2205

    Relaxed & steady. With occasional trumpet and flute.

  5. City Swinger ARTFCD52

    Jazzy drums with double bass and piano

  6. Beat Visions UBM 2146

    Tenor saxophone and E-guitar combined with a fast paced beat. Perfect for Late Night Shows.

  7. Dummy Drumming UBM 2208

    Percussive, playful and mischievous. Bass comes in at 0:41, guitar at 0:59, gradually turning this unusual composition into a funky tune.

  8. Chief Suspect UBM 2425

    A secret investigative mission has started. Careful, determined, keeping a low-profile. For detective stories, true crime podcasts and spy films.

  9. East Drums UBM 2350

    Strong dominant percussive composition.

  10. War Drums UBM 2371

    This drum track recalls a solemn proclamation or ceremony like a knighthood. Proud, determined and honorable. Begins as a snare drum solo, later staccato brass is added.

  11. Break Out HT0013

    Heavy sounding funky Bass drums and synth rock tune. Starts with one minute drum solo. Mostly drums. Works well for action or sports sequence.

  12. Samba Shake UBM 2214

    Very fast samba beat; for images of carnival, party and action!


    Tight funk drums with cool keyboards.