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Instrument Of The Year

Instrument of the year 2021 is the organ.

Tracks (15)

  1. Air From Water Music HT0400

    Light, airy pipe organ evokes elegant, Baroque dance while floating on the Thames.

  2. Christmas Midnight Mass Hymn UBM 2100

    Armenian-Catholic version of the Roman-Catholic "Magnificat". Features organ that is not used in Orthodox churches.

  3. Devotion ARTFCD105

    Forbitting church organ with undulating vibraphone

  4. Magnetic Rag HT0441

    Complex rag played on organ, reminiscent of baseball games and fairgrounds

  5. Stavro Pennywhistle UBM 2261

    Hammond organ and drums make for a cool, smart track. For con artists who always have a plan B.

  6. Psychedelic Bass UBM 2280

    Playful, funky feel-good track for positive, funny content. Comedy, children's programs or heist movies.

  7. Las Vegas UBM 2294

    Quirky farfisa organ and a relentlessly grooving rhythm section characterize this jam through the psychedelic swinging sixties on carnaby street.

  8. Hour of the Ghost UBM 2395

    Retro sound for vampire films, horror series and podcasts about supernatural creatures.

  9. The River UBM 2340

    Trippy breakbeat, propulsive bassline and jazzy organ chords. Chilled tune for urban and chic environments.

  10. Not A Bad Deal At All UBM 2242

    Funky, vintage big band sound for sly superheroes.

  11. Cool and Clever UBM 2373

    Cool track with iconic organ, funky piano and bass as well as clicking electronics. Conveys tension, serenity and elegance.

  12. Motown Beat UBM 2357

    Entspannter, groovender Track mit Orgel und E-Gitarre.

  13. Sassy Investigator UBM 2373

    Unobtrusive, cool track that revives the funk and blues-inspired soundtracks of the 1960s and 1970s. Classy, stylish, sexy, wicked.

  14. Rhodes To Nowhere ARTFCD31

    Funky upbeat jazzy Rhodes piano