Playlist image June 1st: World Childrens' Day
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June 1st: World Childrens' Day

June 1st is International Children's Day. This day is celebrated to raise awareness of children's rights, to create bonds among children worldwide and to strengthen the best interests of children. Photo: Phil Hearing on Unsplash.

Tracks (35)

  1. Happy People Walk UBM 2459

    Light-hearted, cheerful and slightly drowsy, this track offers the right vibes for relaxation and concentration.

  2. Curious Fox UBM 2441

    Curious and in a hurry. Playful piano motif with a synthesizer that starts later.

  3. Appearances Are Everything UBM 2476

    This track comes across as somewhat sluggish and clumsy. Ideal for comedy or whimsical animal videos.

  4. Funky Time UBM 2436

    Funky-jazzy track that exudes joie de vivre and curiosity. Cool, clever, smart.

  5. There Was A Time UBM 2337

    Child-friendly track with plenty of fun sound effects. Carefully instrumented, curious and energetic.

  6. Simple Times TWPM 042

    Cute and catchy childlike melody played on a marimba like toy instrument with solo ukulele chords.

  7. Andean Bus UBM 2457

    South American inspired sounds with flute, guitar and percussion. For travel reports, cooking shows and podcasts about sustainable tourism.

  8. Grandma's Babydoll UBM 2458

    Calm song to fall asleep and dream. Acoustic guitar and glockenspiel create a nostalgic, quiet atmosphere.

  9. Bluesy Call UBM 2141

    Banging blues rock riffs and cheeky noisemaker melody.

  10. Pet Shop UBM 2396

    Sweets or healthy snacks can be accompanied by this jingle. Happy, simple and with a clear conscience.

  11. Playing Movements UBM 2276

    Playful, harmonious track with marimba, cello, flute, vibraphone and snare drum. For tasteful children's programs, animal programs and family films.

  12. Pertly And Mischievously UBM 2352

    Quirky track for technical topics and unusual children's programs.

  13. Cheerful Chuffer ARTFCD08

    Optimistic locomotion

  14. Funny Pig UBM 2290

    Acoustic guitar, shuffled percussion and whistling. For daytime TV, zoo documentaries and anything that needs a bit of tongue-in-cheek scoring.

  15. Small Meets Tall UBM 2264

    Carefree melody with pipes, acoustic guitar and tuba. For children's programs and advertising.

  16. Riot UBM 2431

    The brass band moves through the village. Humorous, traditional, with a lot of character. For articles about culture in the Balkans, circus, zoo or country life.

  17. Paediatrician UBM 2381

    Calm, optimistic piano track. Ideal for features about sensitive paediatricians and enchanted childhood memories.

  18. Song For July UBM 2284

    Calm guitar track with cello that exudes trust, love and care.

  19. Glockenspiel UBM 2320

    Music box-style bell melody with pizzicato strings; childlike, easy. For imags of pets and animals or family progams. Featuring marimba, piano, toy piano.

  20. All Problems Solved UBM 2426

    Happy handclaps, ukukele and acoustic guitar characterize this family-friendly track for pictures of carefree times.

  21. We Love It UBM 2231

    This happy track is reminiscent of pets and family joys.

  22. Tollpatsch UBM 2194

    Solo piano. Clumsy and shy movements.

  23. My Little Podcast UBM 2385

    Beautiful melody full of harmony and happiness. Ideal for podcasts on family issues or self-employed entrepreneurs with small businesses.

  24. Brighter Times UBM 2481

    Weekend at last! Attractive singles get to know each other better during a Saturday outing on the countryside. Upbeat and hungry for life.

  25. Bad Hair Day UBM 2471

    Some days everything just goes wrong! This lively track for piano, synth and acoustic guitar underscores the small absurdities of everyday life in a sophisticated way.

  26. Daytime TV UBM 2332

    Cheery and enthusiastic theme for family-oriented tv and commercials. With electric guitar, brass, drums and whooohoos.

  27. Curious Kid UBM 2124

    Easy kindergarten power pop with cowbell and quirky guitar

  28. Lovely Life UBM 2436

    Sunday morning: the family gathers around the lovingly laid breakfast table. This cheerful composition offers the right soundtrack to images of harmony and conviviality.

  29. Digital Farm UBM 2485

    Too much is not enough! Overwrought hyperpop anthem with an uncompromising 4/4 bass drum, bustling synth cascades and vocoder vocals from a different, somehow better sphere. The soundtrack for many rounds of breakdancers immediately after a large portion of cotton candy.

  30. Children Tales UBM 2275

    Enchanting melody that suits fairy tales, children's films and everything magical. Quiet, idyllic and charming.

  31. Microbiotics UBM 2468

    Throbbing synthesizers for contributions about modern technology and further developments in fields like artificial intelligence, microbiotics and prevention.

  32. The Summit UBM 2317

    Charming short introductory track that evokes the feeling of a beginning adventure. Full orchestra.