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International Cuisine

The international cuisine is shaped by cultural traditions and natural resources, the variety of recipes seems colourful and limitless. Photo: Maarten van den Heuvel (

Tracks (15)

  1. French Cuisine UBM 2369

    Lively Bossa Nova track with a French touch. Perfect for cooking programs or travel magazines.

  2. Ingredients UBM 2386

    Guitar, brass and percussion create an almost Brazilian sound. Cool, funky, fresh - just like the list of ingredients.

  3. Eastern Hectic UBM 2219

    A suitable, cleverly arranged accompaniment for travel documentaries, cooking programs and reports on the Middle East.

  4. Rollin' Egg Rag UBM 2327

    Lively ragtime acoustic guitar. Starts with only acoustic guitar, later joined by electric guitar. Vivid, happy, easy-going. Short Version: acoustic guitar only.

  5. Primavera UBM 2409

    Dancing to salsa rhythms and enjoying a mojito: that's what this lively composition sounds like.

  6. Zwölfer UBM 2320

    Balkan style dulcimer and percussion. For authentic background music for features about European mountains.

  7. Djangos Bar UBM 2115

    What if Django Reinhard had a little bar in Paris, France?

  8. Komagome UBM 2350

    An easy flowing contemplative traditional track.

  9. Masterplan UBM 2261

    Quiet track that reminds of sleepy Las Vegas after a night of partying. Exhausted but happy.

  10. Acropolis Goodbye UBM 2331

    The perfect soundtrack to a vacation in Greece. Interchanging between dreamy quiet and festive loud parts, this is one is sure to bring back memories of the beach, the sun and the beautiful landscape. 98 bpm.

  11. El Caballo UBM 2311

    Acoustic guitar, Spanish, folk, authentic, solo, romantic, passionate, mediterranean love. 

  12. Desert Sand UBM 2299

    Beautiful Americana. Brings to mind images of wide landscapes, the wild west and a lonesome cowboy in the prairie. Western guitar with plenty of room in between notes.

  13. Babuschka UBM 2292

    A simple, lively, flowing accordion solo number.

  14. Tokyo Exhibition UBM 2267

    Percussive and mysterious track with marimba and synth pads not only for art and culture. The sound is reminiscent of a sprayer.