Playlist image December 11: International Mountain Day
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December 11: International Mountain Day

International Mountain Day was first proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 2002. Also called "World Mountain Day", it aims to raise awareness of the diversity of the world's rooftop ecosystems.

Tracks (14)

  1. Dark Flow UBM 2447

    A rumbling, low-register pedal tone forms the canvas for a jazzy right-hand improvisation, the individual notes of which echo in the room crystalline and searching.

  2. Nevada Pursuit UBM 2246

    Determined, lively and agile folk/ pop track featuring repetitive acoustic guitar, chimes and a vivid beat.

  3. American Alm UBM 2320

    Slow, dreamy piano melody with folkloristic accordion in 4/4 and 3/4 timing. Featuring contrabass.

  4. Mountain Summit ARTFCD31

    Fresh-aired Celtic flute with reverb

  5. Over The Treetops UBM 2178

    Heartwarming mood thanks to the pastoral piano and horns. For features about the Alps.

  6. On The Trail UBM 2364

    Spacious, easy flowing and graceful.

  7. Digital Westside UBM 2224

    Underscore, implying wide open spaces and steady movement. Somewhat scientific without being cold.

  8. Arctic Aurora UBM 2460

    Cold that makes your breath freeze on this starry night. Pitchblack darkness, barely broken by the reflection of the northern lights on the eternal ice.

  9. Tears From Heart MS001

    Heavy clouds of fog hang low as the morning sun rises behind the mountains. For impressive documentaries about mystical landscapes.

  10. Nunaat UBM 2339

    Quiet music for magical places and images of beautiful, wide scenery.

  11. Conduction UBM 2306

    Exotic, mysterious, cryptic. A soundscape for distance, deserts or wastelands.

  12. Heart Full Of Love UBM 2330

    In orbit of the earth. In this beautiful guitar composition, the listener is taught closeness and security.

  13. Arctica UBM 2110

    nature, fascination, light flute melody, glissando pads

  14. Bavarian Gaudi UBM 2412

    Whether Oktoberfest, après-ski or Scheuengaudi: this exuberant folk tune creates a good atmosphere!