Playlist image December 6, 2022: The Irish Free State was founded 100 years ago.
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December 6, 2022: The Irish Free State was founded 100 years ago.

The Irish Free State (Saorstát Éireann) was the predecessor of today's Republic of Ireland from 1922 to 1937. It was founded 100 years ago on December 6, 1922. Photo by Tommy Bond on Unsplash

Tracks (11)

  1. Martin Hood UBM 2286

    Lively Irish folklore for travelogues and reports about the original Ireland.

  2. Dance Of The Leprechaun HT0049

    Sounds like a fun Irish drinking song, creating a party atmosphere that is good for St. Patrick's Day.

  3. Irish Hospitality UBM 2437

    This folk instrumental is particularly suited for image films about Irish culture and lifestyle or as an inviting musical background in a cozy café.

  4. A Strum, A Drum 3 UBM 2416

    Fingerpicking guitars and gentle drums characterize this acoustic pop composition. Beautifully arranged with a lot of warmth and openness.

  5. NTATE MS001

    Friendly, warm violin sounds reminiscent of Irish landscapes. Ideal for travel magazines and reports about the green island.

  6. Road Trip To Ireland UBM 2419

    Positive modern folk rock at a medium pace. With acoustic guitar and voice, later a full band with drums and electric guitar.

  7. Morning Lights UBM 2286

    A happy, lighthearted, positive, traditional Irish piece at a medium tempo that makes the day start with a good feeling.

  8. Mountain Summit ARTFCD31

    Fresh-aired Celtic flute with reverb

  9. Breathing UBM 2327

    Relaxed acoustic guitar theme with bass, harp, keyboard and flute. Subtle background for wide open spaces and emotional landscapes. Short Version 1: opening and full of expectations. Short Version 2: chilled and calming. Short Version 3: somewhat mysterious.

  10. Leprechaun UBM 2437

    This yearning ballad with piano, acoustic guitar and flute oscillates between folk pop and traditional guitar music. Calming, emotional.

  11. Reaching Dryland UBM 2465

    Catharsis, the end of the plot is finally here. Heroic-hymnal with Celtic elements.