Playlist image October 14, 2020: Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau's 219th birthday.

October 14, 2020: Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau's 219th birthday.

Plateau was a Belgian physicist and photography pioneer. He was one of the first to demonstrate the illusion of a moving image with his invention of the phenakistiscope in 1832. Photo: Denise Jans (

Tracks (14)

  1. Fun Di UBM 2273

    Tender and light beginning, develops into a bittersweet melody, growing faster and lively, piano. Suitable for images of reunions of old friends and playing children.

  2. Associations UBM 2342

    This is quite the emotional rollercoaster ride. It is suited for classical cinema and the big screen – or just to be enjoyed on its own.

  3. Moments of Joy UBM 2308

    Cinematic orchestral theme expressing relief, inner peace and quietude. Beautifully instrumented, full orchestra sound.

  4. Tiptoe Dancing UBM 2236

    cinema; classical; clarinet; strings; modern; avantgarde; acoustic guitar; art; sophistication; documentary; contemporary; intellectual

  5. Unstoppable Dance ARTFCD100

    Intense and relentless dance rhythms with a slightly macabre feel

  6. Lions Symphony UBM 2227

    Calm and reflective. Bells and strings develop into a cinematic theme featuring a beautiful piano line.

  7. Act I - Better Times UBM 2389

    Touching, slightly melancholic score for flashbacks, pictures of peaceful coexistence and connection with nature. Piano and strings, medium tempo.

  8. Boogie Lazy UBM 2333

    Laid-back piano blues that sounds like straight from a Chicago bar. Cool, easy, relaxed.

  9. Fate Of Ancestors UBM 2244

    Piano and strings create a somber mood until bells set in and make the atmosphere a bit more light. Introspect, open, personal.

  10. Blue Beard UBM 2136

    Adventurous, superior. Full symphonic orchestra with big choir sections

  11. Cinema UBM 2101

    adagio, very sincere piece, little warm, but with sadness, just a silent movie

  12. Suspense UBM 2329

    Modernist classical piece with sharp strings and percussive piano. Timeless arly 20th Century style. As brass and percussion join, the tension becomes almost unbearable.