Playlist image May 26-29, 2023 Carnival of Cultures in Berlin
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May 26-29, 2023 Carnival of Cultures in Berlin

Since 1994, Berliners and visitors have been meeting in the capital for four festival days to celebrate together at the Carnival of Cultures. The highlight of the street festival is the parade. Over 5000 actors from all over the world are usually involved. Photo: VENUS MAJOR auf Unsplash

Tracks (15)

  1. Carnival Disco UBM 2214

    Brass theme and handclaps, combined with a straight beat. Energetic and infectious.

  2. African Dance Jamborie SLAM008

    Percussive track with house elements that exudes self-confidence and a party mood.

  3. Tomares TWPM 041

    At the campfire or on the dance floor; a dynamic flamenco to dream of faraway Andalusia.

  4. One Night In Sao Paolo UBM 2473

    The Latin American joie de vivre must not be neglected at the Berlin Carnival of Cultures either. In multicolored robes, professional and amateur dancers present themselves from their most dazzling side.

  5. White Headscarf TWPM 014

    Determined, dramatic contemporary beats with hypnotic synth arpeggio, afro guitars sequence, wobble bass and modern beats. For Documentaries and art programs.

  6. El Cielo Azul UBM 2409

    This track sounds like hospitality, warmth and a positive attitude towards life.

  7. Cyber Shepherd TWPM 008

    Fast and playful, super positive ethnic flute theme over static house groove with trance synth hook, breakbeat middle part with fujara (overtone flute) motives.


    Electronic music meets African rhythms. Modern and yet original.

  9. African Affair UBM 2146

    Energetic track with percussive as well as synth-pop elements. Somewhere between Brazil and Africa. Suitable for travel magazines and cultural reports.

  10. Sombrero UBM 2417

    With its esprit and verve, this composition is immediately catchy. Happy and dynamic.

  11. Rhenish Carnival UBM 2474

    The fifth season has begun: it's carnival time in the Rhineland. Humorous, silly and light, this track fits perfectly with the often described Rhenish happy nature. Alaaf and Helau!