Playlist image 09/16/2023: Festival of the Giant Kites in Berlin
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09/16/2023: Festival of the Giant Kites in Berlin

On 16.9. the spectacular giant kite festival will once again take place on the Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin. Over 80 kite fans from all over Europe show their kites. The highlights this year include a 47 meter long octopus, giant wind turbines with a diameter of up to 16 meters, various superheroes as well as UFOs and Chinese dragons. Photo: Agnieszka Ziomek/ Unsplash

Tracks (17)

  1. Ghost Ship Starlight UBM 2480

    Homemade spaceships fly around in the children's room while the toy robots prepare for the uprising. Playful, retrofuturistic track with a catchy short synth line.

  2. Soda water TWPM 001

    Beautiful, magical, new age emotional piano on steady beatbox groove with floating synths and background vocal harmonies. Feels like floating on water.

  3. TV Is My Girlfriend UBM 2498

    Retro vibes with a groovy beat, piano and melodic guitar in an increasingly euphoric mood. Summery and in a good mood, this track gives image films and commercials the right touch.

  4. Pink Room TWPM 063

    This medium-paced, laid-back track features a chill and positive static groove with a spare keyboard rhythm serving as the background. A minimal synth melody adds the perfect touch, creating a positive and relaxing atmosphere.

  5. Happiness UBM 2466

    Perfect for reports about surfing or paragliding. Conveys love of freedom, love of life and passion.

  6. Plastic Diet UBM 2485

    What begins as a 1990s eurodance or techno hit is soon torn apart and reassembled into an eclectic, fidgety pastiche for the meme age.

  7. Sesam Mochi UBM 2459

    Simultaneously nostalgic and modern, this track is reminiscent of urban forays across markets in East Asian metropolises of the present day.

  8. VIP Zone UBM 2505

    Cool beat with a summery glockenspiel melody and vocals. Ideal for features about summer travel destinations with a focus on partying and for reality TV formats under palm trees.

  9. The New Treehouse TWPM 042

    Sweet, cosy acoustic bed with hand claps, acoustic guitars featuring hooky organ melody.

  10. NeoSoul TWPM 005

    Laid-back chill bed with guitar, eclectic piano and funky synths featuring vocal fx.

  11. Autumn Was Yesterday UBM 2284

    Romantic guitar-melody that is suitable for images of the countryside or the change of seasons.

  12. End Of Summer TWPM 045

    Laid-back acoustic mood with guitars, percussion and chamber strings featuring catchy piano theme.

  13. Groove Collective ARTFCD127

    Electric piano leads this gently trucking and optimistic track.

  14. Offshore Windpark UBM 2490

    Technical-sounding electronic track for reports on renewable energy, business or politics.

  15. My Forever UBM 2487

    Modern piano ballad. Family scenes or empowering events are impressively supported by strings and increasingly intense drums. Ideal for gripping sports reviews or exams in reality shows.

  16. Good will UBM 2147

    powerful, optimistic, sporty