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Queer Culture

LGBTQ*, FLINTA, or simply queer: It is more and more becoming accepted that a broad spectrum of sexual orientations and gender identities exists beyond the heteronormative binary. Photo: Alex Jackman on

Tracks (13)

  1. Re-Invent Your Life UBM 2444

    Thick traffic pushes itself through canyons of tall buildings and a rigid grid of streets, arduously. Cabs honk, greedy for new passengers.

  2. Turning Point UBM 2402

    For modern reports and podcasts on social topics. Moods between neutral and subtly pressing.

  3. Change Is Today UBM 2382

    Dynamic track with marimba and strings. Ideal for reports on social change, population growth and social structures.

  4. Strong Future UBM 2426

    Motivating, particularly optimistic hymn to a better future. Fresh, youthful, energetic. With piano arpeggios, ticking percussion, driving strings and an emotional guitar melody. Perfect for YouTube with environmental content or exciting promotional videos.

  5. Frisco Streets UBM 2357

    Think old school gangster movie about heists, clever scams and smart investigators in cool cars...

  6. Displaced People UBM 2244

    Classic instrumentation in modern composition. Lost, tragic, lonely. Suitable for sophisticated contemporary television and film.

  7. Headspace UBM 2440

    Calm track that exudes relaxation and stress relief. For everything about wellness and healing.

  8. Reset UBM 2445

    Floating sound elements provide the right sound for hypnosis, deep relaxation, mediation or deep psychological topics.

  9. Bear UBM 2403

    The big bear looking for honey. Calm, playful track with marimba and trumpet.

  10. Drag Race UBM 2312

    Fast track hard rock/ metal instrumental with a high testosterone level. Forceful drums, heavy guitars, bad-ass attitude.

  11. Big Ol Love UBM 2391

    Romantic love song with male vocals in the style of the 1990s. Also available as an instrumental version.

  12. Chemical Transformation UBM 2408

    Mysterious track for everything supernatural and unsettled.