Playlist image Instrument of the year: the mandolin
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Instrument of the year: the mandolin

The European instrument, known since the 17th century, comes from the family of lute instruments. 2023 is the somewhat forgotten mandolin of the year.

Tracks (9)

  1. Huainito de bienvenida UBM 2142

    Dreamy mandolin and saxophone create a warm and passionate sound. For balmy summer nights when meaningful glances are exchanged.

  2. Raindrops ARTFCD27

    Plucked mandolin and violin melody

  3. Doubts UBM 2389

    Quiet doubts arise. Thoughtful composition with sophisticated instrumentation. Introverted, questioning, open.

  4. High-Mountain Scotland UBM 2313

    Peaceful Scottish theme with mandolin, bagpipe, keyboard and snare drum.

  5. Mando Man ARTFCD48

    Strummy mandolin theme bright and up-tempo

  6. Yearning UBM 2167

    sad, Mediterranean, melodic

  7. Italian tears UBM 2147

    sad, mediterranean, melodic and deeply melancholic mandolin

  8. Light Lament ARTFCD31

    Emotional mandolin conclusion

  9. Spring Joy UBM 2250

    Hopeful, romantic track. Suitable for family, wedding celebrations or elegant summer parties. Piano, female choir, strings, double bass and guitar.