Playlist image September 21, 2021: Asian Mid-Autumn Festival

September 21, 2021: Asian Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival in Asia is celebrated on the 15th day of the eighth month in the traditional Chinese lunar calendar. The festival is also celebrated in South Korea as Chuseok and in Vietnam as Tết Trung Thu. There is also an equivalent festival in Japan called Otsukimi.

Tracks (15)

  1. Magical Spring Drum UBM 2235

    Ethnic, abstract, mysterious soundscape with authentic percussion instruments.

  2. Japanese Flute UBM 2316

    Meditative reflection of Japanese culture and identity with strings, flute and drums.

  3. Shrine UBM 2323

    Original composition featuring a distant flute melody over busy percussion and colorful atmospheric pads. Contemporary score with an exotic touch.

  4. China Doll ACL105

    Happy Chinese Asian celebration

  5. Asian Vacation UBM 2350

    Cinematic classical japanese score, light, full with a deep drum underlay.

  6. Asian Delight ACL139

    East Asian vocal melody_Asian Delight_Retro Series: Odds & Ends_Koto_East Asian vocal melody

  7. Asian Melody ARTFCD11

    Playful bells & tablas

  8. Chinese Whispers UBM 2156

    Bagpipe, flute and plucked string instruments with pads

  9. Asian Tale HT0044

    Asian instruments played with a funky feel.

  10. Traditional Percussion UBM 2316

    Percussion instruments and drums; ideal for impressive and authentic documentaries, history features and movies set in Japan.

  11. Asian Shadows ARTFCD16

    Plucked ethnic string sequence

  12. Chulie Game UBM 2331

    Joyful blend of Chinese harp, vocals and western pop with acoustic guitar, drums and piano. Uplifting and cheerful. Instrumental version available. 100 bpm.

  13. China Beat ARTFCD13

    Oriental string arrangement

  14. Chinese Impression UBM 2352

    Inspired by Asian music. Ambient composition for quiet pictures. Perfect for topics such as health, wellness and holidays.

  15. Turn of Events UBM 2389

    A magical world opens up: strings and flute create a mystical atmosphere full of riddles and wisdom. Ideal for mystical scenes, but also for topics such as distant countries, meditation and mindfulness.