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Middle East

The countries of Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are collectively referred to as the Middle East or the Middle East. These countries lie between the Middle East in the west and southwest and the Far East in the northeast. Myanmar is rarely counted as part of the Middle East; instead, it is mostly assigned to Southeast Asia.

Tracks (13)

  1. Near East UBM 2306

    Ideal for pictures of abandoned places, rough times and miserable fates. Oriental electric guitar and hand drums create a sense of menace and sorrow.

  2. Rise Of Fundamentalism UBM 2274

    Shady crimes are on the rise. Dark, threatening and with Arabic influences.

  3. Refugees UBM 2258

    Refugees from Middle East travel on water and land on their escape from violence and crime. This track gives an impression of the dramatic and dangerous situation. Duduk and oud set in.

  4. Arabian Dreams ARTFCD36

    Clarinet with exotic promise

  5. Sands Of Forever HT0045

    Arab-Pop-like-beat is intoxicating and filled with mysterious longing; breathing accents from 1:47 evoke intrigue in a dark, hot desert.

  6. Arabic Market UBM 2319

    Busy like a middle-eastern market. With drums and flutes, influenced by Arabic music and Western film scores alike.

  7. Magic Carpet ARTFCD13

    Middle eastern strings and percussion

  8. Darkweb UBM 2363

    An exciting ride through the desert takes the reporter to his story.

  9. Oasis UBM 2306

    Oriental, melancholic sound with a female voice and traditional instruments. Fast drums and blurred synthesizer create a dramatic, exciting and action-packed atmosphere.

  10. Terror Drone UBM 2346

    Eerie soundscape to support images of modern warfare.

  11. Jewels Of Mumbai UBM 2331

    Percussive ethnic pop with influences from India. Warm, positive, peaceful. 110 bpm. Instrumental version available.

  12. Border Patrol UBM 2361

    Waves and waves of refugees hit the industrialized nations. Epic orchestra, ticking clocks and synthetic sounds merge into a whole.