Playlist image December 06, 2020: Nicholaus

December 06, 2020: Nicholaus

Nicholas of Myra is one of the most famous saints of the Eastern and Latin Churches. His feast day, December 6th is celebrated throughout Christianity and is associated with numerous customs.

Tracks (17)

  1. When the Twilight Comes UBM 2308

    With the help of the full orchestra, bells, flute and harp create a magical mood of curiosity and subtle excitement. Dream-like, playful and intriguing.

  2. Christmas Eve Hymn UBM 2100

    Armenian-Orthodox version to the Roman-Catholic "Magnificat". St. James Theological Choir, Jerusalem.

  3. At Last UBM 2364

    A flight through the vastness of space, easy flowing track.

  4. Papillon UBM 2353

    Slightly melancholic, yet light piano piece.

  5. Riding UBM 2336

    The adventure begins! Exciting string accents communicate a feeling of gleeful anticipation.

  6. The Summit UBM 2317

    Charming short introductory track that evokes the feeling of a beginning adventure. Full orchestra.

  7. Wrapped Up Warm ARTFCD38

    Classy classical feel with oriental style strings

  8. Süßer die Glocken nie klingen UBM 2366

    Well-known German Christmas song from the 19th century. The song creates a hopeful and healing mood. The sound of the bells symbolizes peace and joy.

  9. Kids Waltz UBM 2333

    Slow waltz that expresses gentleness and care.

  10. Dancing Foxes UBM 2236

    film music; romantic; children; magical; fantasy; fairytale; classical

  11. Mysterious Harp UBM 2264

    Mysterious harp sound evokes a feeling of uncertainty.

  12. Dreaming On River UBM 2362

    Thoughtful piano ballad. Introspective, fragile, lost in thought.

  13. Magier UBM 2194

    Slowly building a magical mood, this track is suspenseful without being frightening. Glockenspiel, synthie pads and percussive elements.

  14. Little People UBM 2365

    Strings and glockenspiel evoke a sense of Christmas, snowy landscapes, bustle and snowball fights.

  15. Deck The Halls HT0014

    The famous Christmas carol as a piano version.

  16. Icy Wind UBM 2259

    Echoing synthesizer creates a feeling of the cold. Ideal for images of icy lands and scenarios that are provoked by the climate change or hostile ice planets.

  17. Great Faithfulness HT0400

    Traditional hymn in a simple, elegant arrangement.