Playlist image December 6: Saint Nicholas Day
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December 6: Saint Nicholas Day

On 6 December each year, Christians all over the world commemorate Saint Nicholas. In the first half of the fourth century AD, Saint Nicholas served as a bishop in Myra, in what is now Turkey.

Tracks (10)

  1. Lasst uns froh und munter sein UBM 2366

    Famous German song for the feast day of St. Nicholas. Text and melody date back to the 19th century.

  2. Midnight Dreams UBM 2469

    Cool synthesiser worlds gradually build up like the sensation of creeping cold on a frosty winter's day.

  3. Time Heals UBM 2143

    The first snow of the year wraps the world in a peaceful white cloak. double bass and piano.

  4. Little People UBM 2365

    Strings and glockenspiel evoke a sense of Christmas, snowy landscapes, bustle and snowball fights.

  5. Wonderful World UBM 2417

    Happy, child-friendly music for pictures of harmonious family life, sustainable lifestyle and carefree times.

  6. Waggish plan UBM 2148

    scurrile, playful, funny

  7. When the Twilight Comes UBM 2308

    With the help of the full orchestra, bells, flute and harp create a magical mood of curiosity and subtle excitement. Dream-like, playful and intriguing.

  8. A Winter Night UBM 2239

    Abstract yet beautiful soundscape with an experimental edge. Scattered piano tones, percussive sounds and ambient layers form the soundtrack to a freezing winter night.

  9. Grey Day UBM 2341

    Bleak, empty, blue.

  10. The Summit UBM 2317

    Charming short introductory track that evokes the feeling of a beginning adventure. Full orchestra.